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GET PAID DAILY  ...with My Paying Ads & My Paying Crypto Ads! 
Today I want to share with you how "you" can MAKE MONEY EVERY DAY using MPA & MPCA,  please be sure to read the details at the bottom of the page, before clicking the banners or links on this page.

SO WHAT IS MY PAYING ADS? and MY PAYING CRYPTO ADS?   -"Two of Best Revenue Sharing Programs on the planet! "
Online advertising is a trillion-dollar industry and traffic is the #1 selling product online. The My Paying Ads business model places us in the centre of this economic gold mine! This is a position with huge upside. Each Year Google, Facebook, YouTube and many others make billions of dollars in Advertising Fees on our expense. 

Every time you spend a moment of your quality time to click on an advertisement on their website, they make money!  Don't you want to turn the table around on your side???? With MyPayingAds and MyPayingCryptoAds you are rewarded for this activity. Both MPA and MPCA are owned by Uday Nara's and have an Excellent Reputation in the marketplace that makes them the Premiere Advertising platform on the planet.  ...MyPayingAds has been the industry gold standard since March 2015

If you are doing any type of marketing online you're going to love these marketing platforms. Both MyPayingAds and MyCryptoAds are marketing platforms that pays you company revenue-sharing EVERY DAY, in 30 minute increments when you purchase an advertising package. 

The Plan: The amount of ad packs that you purchase determines the percentage of the Revenue Sharing you will receive.  My advice, is to set a monthly budget for your advertising - never take food from off the table.  As your money matures you'll soon, be able to withdraw the money you had spent on your original purchase, and keep reinvesting the money you make to advertise your biz more.  After that, I suggest you withdraw 60 to 70% of your Daily Profits and keep reinvesting the rest. 

-After all you're in business to GET PAID...RIGHT?

The only real difference between My Paying Ads & My Crypto Ads is the membership & currency. MPA offers a membership and uses dollars, while  MPCA has no membership (at the time of this writing) uses Bitcoin only. 

If you want to earn Bitcoin and do not have a bitcoin wallet...I suggest Coinbase  

While you can make small amounts of Money DAILY by surfing websites as a FREE Member, you can make more money when you buy Packs which start at $5 each.  Free MPA members can buy up to 100 $5.oo Ad packages.  You must surf 10 ads per day for your ad pack money to mature.  However there is no time limit as to how long it takes for your ad pack money to mature. 

In MyPayingAds  once you reach your 100 pack limit, you can upgrade to an Explore Membership for just $10.00 per. month. An Explorer membership allows you to purchase both $5.00 and 10.00 Ad packs. A Professional Memberships allows you to purchase $25.00 and $50.00 Ad packs …Memberships are not on a auto renewal system and therefore must be manually upgraded each month.

In addition to Making Money Daily, through ad packs & surfing 10 sites on MyPayingAds and MyPayingCyrptoAds, you'll MAKE MONEY IN YOUR BUSINESS using capture pages to "Building Your List" !!

The Two Secrets to Making Money on or offline, really aren't secrets at all. It has always been and always will be LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION  ...and of course Customers in Your Store & Parking Lot!  The whole idea of advertising in any platform should always be, to build your list of potential customers, giving them the opportunity to get a closer look at what it is you have to offer them.

With MPA & MPCA you've got Great Location with Great Traffic driving by your offer / your Capture Page or Storefront, you can count on ...Getting Paid Every Single Day!!

Enjoy, Prosper and Remember --ALWAYS Use capture pages when advertising your business

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i) In order for me to assist you, join using my links.
Please be sure to confirm seeing my name or username YourBizTools "before joining"
If you missed my profile page my name again is Mario Salerno and my username in most everything is yourbiztools

ii) When joining any program, in order to get paid the first step is to complete your profile.

iii) When joining "LeasedAdSpace" or the programs above you'll need to have your payment processes in place. 

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