New Advertising Concept - Email Client Sending.

Published by Tray Robinson — 9-22-2017 at 2:30 AM UTC

Jaye Pause, Gillian Linge and Phillip Morgan has released a killer new system that will change the face of advertising as we know it.

Introducing Email Client Sending…

A completely new, proprietary and unique feature that is sure to completely change how you feel about marketing online.


Because you no longer have to waste your time logging into a website to send out your mailings.

You can do it simply by sending a mail from your favorite email client to their mail server, confirm it and then your mailing is instantly sent!

With KissMails.comwww.kissmails .com, you receive some powerful features like:

- Mail From Your Own Client

- No Time Wasting

- Huge Commissions Up To 50%

- 5 Membership Options

- Credit-Based Banner Ad System

- Solo Ads

- Perpetual Solos

- Set and Forget System

These are just a handful of the awesome features you will experience with this incredible system.

Join right now, it’s free to get started and you can send out your mailings right away!

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