Let's Get Back To Leads . . .

Published by Tray Robinson — 12-4-2018 at 2:15 AM UTC

In other discussions about leads I've talked about the difference between buying and calling leads and making an effort to generate a relationship with your leads for the long term. 

Here is the difference . . . 

When you call leads you really only have one shot to make the sale. Let's face it, there is really only so much time that you have in a day and even if you were the best person on the planet when it comes to working the phones, there are only so many leads that you could personally contact in the time period of a day.

Further . . . 

In the interaction with those leads on the phone you really only have time to focus on one thing - getting the sale (that's not how relationships are built).

Let's flip the script. 

What if you had the opportunity to do the same action and communicate with an infinite number of leads and generate a relationship in the process where they take the initiative to contact you when they are ready?

What I mean is what if you could do one action in the same amount of time everyday and the result would be that no matter what the size of your audience, you would be able to serve it in an equal manner?

That's leverage in a big way!

And that is exactly what the internet provides to each and every one of us in an EQUAL fashion.

You see. . . 

I was taught that the internet was not a personal medium. I was taught that it could not be used to effectively grow a network marketing organization because it's NOT "human" enough.

My current experience leads me to believe that what I was TAUGHT was NOT taught from experience, but rather from inexperience. 

I get more calls and more personal emails from people that want to do business with me personally because of what I do on the internet than I ever did when I was chasing down leads on the phone. 


Instead of speaking to one person at a time I get to speak to thousands or more at a time on a consistent basis.

Imagine making thousands of phone calls a day everyday.

Not a pretty picture right?

Well with the internet it doesn't matter what the size of your audience is. Your audience could be 10 people or it could be 1 million people, it takes the same amount of time to communicate with either size audience. 


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