Leased Ad Space Changes (Do This Or Lose Commissions)**

Published by Richard Weberg — 7-10-2018 at 3:01 AM UTC

Changes are live and over 700 people logged in so far today..

So what should you do first..?

1. Log in immediately, and decide if you want to be an affiliate and
earn commissions from promoting Leased Ad Space, everyone
must manually agree to our **new affiliate terms of service
to do so.

(Instructions) On your dashboard there are three boxes across the screen,
just click on become an affiliate, you will be taken to the
terms and conditions. Make sure and Read all of them, they
explain everything.

Then just click on agree or disagree.

You must agree to them in order to be a affiliate and earn
commissions from promoting Leased Ad Space.

Otherwise you can just remain a customer and purchase our
great traffic products.

You can switch between any time you want.

2. Please watch this video, it explains exactly how to use
Paypal, or debit and credit cards
to purchase any of our
traffic products.

We will be adding additional options as we go.

3. Check out and get familiar with your main menu, and what
you now will see. As some pages have changed in the Menu.

Once logged in, click on the big red members area tab near
the top, click on it, and than in the drop down menu, you
can navigate around to the different sections of your
members area.

You will not see any affiliate tools in that menu, if you
are only a customer.

4. Have fun, make some money!
Either by purchasing and
using our traffic products for your other offers, or by
promoting Leased Ad Space, preferably both ways!!

We hope you love the changes as much as we do, and traffic
to your offers is about to increase 10 x!! So use your blog
we provide you, put out that content, the more content
everyone puts on Leased Ad Space platform, the more the
search engines love us!!

The more free traffic you get to your offers, your blog
content solo ads, and profile pages, never get deleted they
remain on our platform permanently!!

Last, but not least, we will be adding some new videos to
the tutorials and some of the affiliate tools have to be
altered a bit. We will be working on these next..

Have a fabulous day!

Richard Weberg And Dan Robb

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