Don't Dig for Gold, Sell what people will actually use!

Published by Richard Weberg — 11-3-2017 at 9:00 PM UTC

Do YOU want to strike it rich in the Internet gold

rush? Then lemme tell ya a little story---

During the California gold rush of 1849, over

40,000 folks went west to seek their fortune.

Only 5% actually made a living mining gold, and

less than 1% ever became wealthy! The rest failed miserably..

 Sounds like today’s Internet, doesn't it?

BUT!--- another group of people virtually ALL

became wealthy in the gold fields of

California--- THE SHOPKEEPERS!

The shopkeepers became rich because the miners

couldn't mine unless they had TOOLS, or FOOD in

their belly. Even if a miner never dug up a

single nugget, they STILL needed a shovel to dig

with, and food to eat..


Gold or no gold, the guys who sold the shovels

and the other consumables required for daily life

ALWAYS did well!

So if YOU want to get rich or make it in the

Internet gold rush---

---Don't dig for gold - Sell what is consumed and

is used over and over again!

How about real customers, now that's a bright idea,,Ehh?..People

that buy over and over again..? 

Most people trying to make it online, keep going after the

gold, and the smart marketers keep selling them

what is consumable..

All the gold does is blind you, and keep you from

the real opportunity!

Do you want to be part of a REAL actual company..?

One that has multiple consumable products, and

multiple comp plans..?

One you can be with for decades to come?

One that gives you a feeling of pride to share

with others, and that has digital products as

well as actual real physical products that can be

shipped to your door..?

How about a real customer driven business..

One where you can stop trying to promote 25

different things online?

If so.. Then you are definitely going to want to

see this!


Richard Weberg

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