Would you rather make $20,000 in 5 years or 5 months?

Published by Richard Weberg — 8-10-2017 at 4:42 AM UTC

Want to hear a simple but profound formula for success?

Then read on...

It's profound because it can totally transform your thinking and your business,

yet most people either *miss* or *ignore* it.

And the proof is in the pudding if you just look into the marketplace.

You'll see people trying to grow a successful business by either selling their own cheap products under $20 bones,

or they're trying to eek out small commissions as an affiliate (even worse).

Cheaper products are good and all "as a lead generator" for your business, but that's it.

You will never make a living with them.

Here's what I mean. I was reading a book from Dan Kennedy recently.

In it, he had a neat little diagram that outlined how many steps it would take to get to $1 million dollars.

Take a look and compare it with what you're selling in your business right now.

And if things are looking bad, I just might have a fix for ya.

Either way, you'll need to make a change and "correct" your own steps.

How many steps must you take to get to $1 Million:

$1,000,000.00 - 1 Step

$100,000.00    - 10 Steps

$10,000,00      - 100 Steps

$1,000.00         - 1,000 Steps

$100.00            - 10,000 Steps

$10.00              - 100,000 Steps

Pretty revealing eh?

Think it's easier to take 1000 steps or 100,000?

I'll tell ya... taking less steps is easier, more lucrative, and even more fun.

Now the big takeaway here is to think bigger and sell bigger offers.

Do that, and your wealth will expand exponentially.

You'll hit big pay dirt waaaaay faster.

Now here's where I can help...

There's a business  I'm a member of called Now LifeStyle.

It not only trains you and helps get high ticket sales like this,

but it also provides you with WHAT to sell, as a lot of people have a challenge with that part of the equation.

Go here and check it out while pre-enroll spots are still open:

(You'll see what I mean when you see the two comp plans.)


Talk Soon,

Richard Weberg And John Weberg



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