Congratulations to the following people, for joining our Now LifeStyle Team, you all rock!!

Published by Richard Weberg — 7-20-2017 at 2:10 AM UTC

Congratulations to Todd Hagadone, Claibourne napier, Theresa Williams,

Raymond Healy,Charles Meli, Sebastian Wschiansky, VJ Rasquinha, Carol

Tiwari, Candice Milstein, ELizabeth Rockhead, Chris Bradford, A Q

Finley, OREST KUCHMAK, Brian Headley,  Nelson Lirette, Renato Abarro,

Frederick Hamilton, Peggy Beene, Patria Ferrence, Brad Findeisen,

Victor Suchit, Salachas Nikolaos, Francisco Dejesus Rivera,  

Renistien Brown, Jim Roberts, Ronald Kerr and Mark Gossage,

 for joining our Now LifeStyle Team, you all rock!!

Congrats to you all, for being very SMART and motivated, welcome to

the team!!

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We have made over $21,345.00 in 5 months!

We also have team members who are now making a steady

5 figures per month and that is only since pre-launch

on February 7th 2017!!

Have a tremendous day my friend...

P.S. This business has had me and John sleepless since we joined it.


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