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Published by Richard Weberg — 2-10-2017 at 8:20 AM UTC

After nearly 4 years of planning you are some of the very very first
to be notified of the up and coming launch of Now Lifestyle.

Right now we are in the "Pre Enrollment" phase of what will be a
billion dollar per year enterprise in the next 5 years!!

The health and wellness industry is an absolute monster both online
and off..

My son John Weberg and I have joined forces to build this one. This
will become a huge part of our marketing endeavors. This is the
perfect program to build for long term massive wealth.

At first I was not going to join, and I am extremely glad, I changed
my mind..
I was already extremely busy, with all the websites I own and manage.
I have been marketing online successfully now over 14 years.

I changed my mind, because...

1.This is a program you can build offline or online.

2. Both digital products and physical products. (highly consumable).

3. This is a real company, not a program owner sitting behind a desk.

GVO the host parent company, and owner Joel Therien, are no stranger
to success.

Joel's plan is to build this into a billion dollar company, and he has
the resources to do it.

I have been paid by Joel for years like clockwork, they have never
missed a payment ever, he has integrity, and so does his companies.

One thing I was missing from my portfolio of work from home
opportunities was something with a actual physical product that is

Well not no more, Now Life Style give me the solution I have been
looking for. And has a great binary comp plan, that pays to infinite

We will be hitting this extremely hard permanently, no I'm not
abandoning my other programs and activities..They are just as
important to me..

I love building long term, residual income, walk away income, meaning
it keeps coming in for years and years to come.

Consumable products are great for this, online those products include,
autoresponder service, web hosting, traffic, three essential things
every person trying to make money online has to have in order to

So that is why we teach this process to people in our systems, and

And now, I finally have settled on the perfect physical products, that
offline, people consume every single day, and is one of the largest
and fastest growing industries there are..

What Joel has done, is absolutely amazing here with Now Life Style.
This will be epic!! Many millionaires will come out of this business.
He has combined the best digital with the best physical consumables.

You will have a full lead capture system to build your team with, no
coding or set up required, it is all completely done for you.

This means no friction..We are officially in pre-launch, time to build
your team, so go get your spot reserved now and locked down, you are
not going to want to miss this.

Now Life Style - Click here to get started now on your journey. 

For those who are still sitting back and wondering...

"Hmmm is Now Lifestyle for me, I do not know how to market very well?"

My unwavering and solid answer is YES YES YES!!

Joel is extremely committed to teaching people how to be successful,
we have a private facebook group set up, Joel does webinars every week
to educate people. We are going to have lifestyle events to teach
people the marketing skills needed.

And the some of the products them selves are educational marketing
that teach you:

1. How to use an autoresponder.

2. How to write emails, and subject lines.

3. How to drive more traffic.

4. You are provided with lead capture pages.

This truly is a complete marketing system, to bring anyone from a
beginner to a marketing expert. You will be given marketing lessons
from some of the best marketers in the world.

This is not a free system, where you will make a couple bucks
here and there, we are looking for people who will dedicate
themselves to making $25,000 a month or more.

This is a real business opportunity, We are not looking for lazy
people, or tire kickers..

We are building our team in this pre-launch phase, we are only
looking for people that are highly driven to succeed, and
extremely serious about changing their life.

If this sounds like something your interested in, then you need to
jump on board immediately. Once you have joined and locked in your
spot, make sure and contact us. We will reach out to you as well.

Now Life Style - Click here to get started now on your journey. 

I am so excited about this opportunity, I feel like I am brand new to
internet marketing again...That initial rush you feel in the

This is going to be an awesome ride...

Time to get a rock'in my friend!


Richard Weberg

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