What is wrong with your marketing..?

Published by Richard Weberg — 1-16-2017 at 9:18 PM UTC

Well, the most likely problems are...

You are not a guru with a huge email list, and you do not own a

bunch of web sites, you do not have a jv with hundreds of other

marketers, that promote your stuff for you..

and you have no web presence online...

So when you are missing those things above, you have to become a

relentless promoter, and build tons of daily traffic to your

offers, in order to get any results at all..

And that's another problem, most people, WAY under estimate the

sheer volume of COLD traffic they need in order to get


See when you have done all the right things described in those

first three lines above, you do not need no where near the amount

of traffic, because you have an engaged with tons of other people

and have built trust, and have developed a warm traffic market.

So when you have warm traffic, it is easy to get results. 


And this is a reason so many people fail, they do not do enough

of the right things long enough to create warm traffic, there's

is always cold. Most people are constantly jump from one thing to

another, with no focus on anything..

They start building a list, then stop, cancel their


They get a blog, start writing some content and then quit it and

take it offline..

They try building traffic, and when they do not get instant

conversion, they stop..

They build no long term engagement with anyone, everything they

do, they quit and try something else...

What most people fail to realize is there is absolutely no short

cuts online what so ever..

You must learn a system, and use it over and over again, and

build a warm traffic flow of actively engaged people..

 There is no way around this, that is if you truly want to be

successful with this stuff..

And "Pre-Built" systems are one of the best ways, to lean on and

learn from, until you master the process your self.

That's how people make fortunes online, they become "Masters" at

it, the process..

Here is a great way to get started, with that entire process..

Marketing Mastery Elite

Time to get a rock'in my friend!


Richard weberg

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