Learn How to Gain a Competitive Advantage in Affiliate Marketing

Published by Jeff Bennett — 1-13-2018 at 8:16 AM UTC

In the sports world, what do all teams have in common? To win a championship and to prove to everyone that they are the best in the land. This is no small feat, because there are other teams trying to achieve the same goal. In affiliate marketing, there are online entrepreneurs who have spent years, honing their skills to the point where they get free internet traffic. It may seem hopeless because they have a head start, but I will share with you, the rookie internet marketer, on how to gain a competitive advantage in affiliate marketing. There are a couple of things that you need to do first: 1. Sign up for an affiliate account. 2. Create a blog or website. Now, we have come to the point where I will show you how to get ahead in the game and that is to write content that will get you free backlinks to your website. I gotten to the point in my life where I love to write articles. Like flying helicopters, writing articles is a part of me. I specialize in work from home opportunities by sharing tips and how to articles that will help any new online entrepreneur succeed. This is how you get ahead. If you just create a website or blog without any article(s) pointing back to it, it is dead in the water. This may seem troublesome to some entrepreneurs who do not have the article writing skill, but I will share with you on how I got started. 1. Read a book. Growing up, I love to read books. I still have fond memories of the classic books such as Alice in Wonderland or Huckleberry Fin. Reading books will help you come up with great ideas for you article. You will not only be able to write one article, but hundreds of articles that will captivate and inspire your readers. 2. Gone are the days when you just copy and paste videos to video services. It doesn't matter if your keyword is trending, you will find your video at the bottom of the barrel. People want a video that has meaning and not something they have seen many times before. This is where you have to overcome your fear of getting in front of a camera, if you want to get ahead of the game: 1. You must choose the right keyword and mention it in the video. 2. Look presentable, because you are representing your business. 3. Give a brief introduction about yourself and your online business. 4. Then dive into the meat potion of your media presentation. You can create a PowerPoint presentation or you can film a how to video. If everything goes well, you will find your video at the top of the search engines. Be sure to create follow-up videos and submit them to all online video services for maximum exposure. Following these tips will help you gain a competitive advantage in affiliate marketing.

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