Are you using Autoresponders to build your lists?

Published by Marja Opsteegh — 8-6-2017 at 12:01 PM UTC


If you are thinking about joining Trafficwave Autoresponders, because it is a great Autoresponder Service than 
the next question would be: should i do it on my own or should i join a team?

Most of the times teambuilding is not a great idea, because it takes too long to get signups, and so called spillover 
does not happen as easily as people want you to believe. But every Teambuild is different of course.

Lloyd Cooper has started Team Links Across The Web a few years ago.

The TrafficWave Team with a better idea!

Team Links across the web (LATW) works for YOU to get an unlimited amount of paid referrals. No free ride here, 
just $17,95 Monthly for your Trafficwave Autoresponder account.
You've seen other teams advertised, but not one of them is using the system Lloyd Cooper has developed.

There are only 6 members who rotate independently from each other, so you get signups much quicker. 
No long and boring waiting lists here. 500 visits a week to your Tracking url is required to be placed in a team.
No hits required if you do promote your own personal pages.

Now it's also possible to advertise a second income opportunity by placing a banner of your choice on your 
team- or personal page. All you have to do is sent the banner code to our Teamleader.

If you want to help your Team members  you can choose to promote their Tracking url also.

Other teams force you to get into a rotator and wait for weeks or even Months to get sign ups.
So if you have to wait a long time to get referrals, your referrals also have to wait a long time to get their referrals.
People join quickly, but they quit as quickly, because they see no progress for a long time.

Team Links Across The Web works great. I did get my first signup within a Month.
Of course it can be different for you, it all depends on your own Marketing methods.

Learn more about Team LATW here

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