What you should know about Trafficwave Autoresponders

Published by Marja Opsteegh — 8-6-2017 at 11:24 AM UTC

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              Do you use Autoresponders in your Marketing Efforts?
              You should, because this is one of the easiest ways to contact your future prospects.

There are different Autoresponder systems out there like:
Aweber, GVO and Pureleverage, or a free one like Listwire.

A free Autoresponder may be great as you just starting out, but a professional Autoresponder may be more 
suitable if you want to build your lists.

Trafficwave Autoresponders lets you manage unlimited lists and unlimited subscribers for a low Monthly fee 
of just $17,95

Their campaigns (lists) are easy to use. Just name your campaign, add some letters, create a capture page, 
(no html required) and you are ready to go.

Managing your lists is also a breeze. Select your subscribers, transfer them to another campaign, recycle 
them or delete them. Campaign chaining is also a great feature to automatically transfer your subscribers 
to other campaigns.

Their payplan is absolute fabulous.
They pay not on 1 or 2 levels, like other Autoresponder systems do, but on 10 levels.
They also pay you for every member in your downline, even if you did not recruit them yourself.
The only requirement to earn is to have just 1 personal referral.

Now while Trafficwave Autoresponders is so affordable, people who join, see the value here.
They get very excited about the payplan and then they decide to open another Trafficwave account. 

This is where it get's tricky.

Many people don't read the TOS (Terms of Service) so they don't know that they are not 
getting paid if they use the same payment processor.
You have to use different payment methods and email accounts, you did not use for 6 Months.
If you use Paypal you can use different email accounts, but your main email adress is where your 

fees and commissions will be paid or received.

So people will be marked as inactive, even when they paid their fees. 
After a period of time they get frustrated, because they receive no referrals and they eventually quit.
It's wise to use Paypal or Payza and a Creditcard, or even a second Creditcard if you have more than 

1 account at Trafficwave.

Get your 30 days free Trial now here.
Note: If you have a 30 trial you do not earn commissions.
Only paid members receive commissions.

If you do want to learn more about Trafficwave Autoresponders and receive my free report: 
37 simple ways to build your list, sign up here.

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