How To Make Money with Crypto Mining

Published by Lori Petrosino — 11-11-2017 at 11:44 PM UTC

Maybe you are sick of working for someone else, or maybe you've tried MLM companies, affiliate marketing, network marketing or any combination of these with not much success up until now.

If you are not living under a rock, then lately you've heard of Bitcoin and how people are making a great deal of money with it.

 How are they doing this?

There are several ways to earn, including bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading, and crypto currency mining. There are also companies that simply pay you in crypto currency or bitcoin as a payment method altogether so you can earn digital currency and watch the value rise simply by 'holding' it.

Crypto mining is a bit of a learning curve AND requires costly equipment that uses a great deal of energy, so it's not really feasible for the average person just starting out.

However, crypto trading can earn you a great deal of money if you know the right companies to partner with, and YES there are more than one.

How do you locate a crypto mining or crypto trading business?

Seeking out a company where participants are having results with a reputable company is important. If you are a complete novice in crypto trading or crypto mining, join some Facebook groups in the bitcoin, crypto or digital currency category and observe what people are doing.

Once you have located a company you feel comfortable with, there are 2 ways to earn:

1. Fund your business with the capital that you can afford (Hint: the more you begin with the faster you earn in the crypto industry).    

2. Sponsor others into the business of your choice to earn commissions which you can use to reinvest into your crypto trading business.

3. Do a combination of the two and watch your income skyrocket.

YES, in this field, you can earn entirely in a passive manner, but sharing what is working for you helps other people and helps you earn too.

Don't be shy about sharing. Everything we do in life is 'selling.' Weather it's on a job interview, meeting a potential spouse, new friends, sharing a great movie you saw or restaurant you went to... it's all the same. However, you don't get paid for those.

Do your due diligence, have fun with the process, test small in the beginning to feel comfortable and then scale up.

With this process, you will find that you can succeed in crypto trading more rapidly than with crypto mining and you can see results that will far exceed what you could ever make in the corporate world.

I've been working with cryptocurrencies for over 2 years now and can recommend some incredible digital trading platforms that you can test.

One such company is called Sii Global.

See it here and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions:  

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