Why Marketer's Should LOVE Sunday! [Free Organization Excercise Inside]

Published by Lori Petrosino — 11-6-2017 at 4:57 PM UTC

One of the things I love about Sunday's are how the beginning of a new week represents a fresh start.

Weather it's starting a diet, making a resolution, quitting a habit, or beginning a new hobby, etc, the beginning of the week is always the best time for this.

Why not do the same with your business?

Why not make a resolve to get your affairs in order, or "put your ducks in a row" if you know that expression.

Throughout each year, it's a good idea to reassess what you are working on you know where you are headed (you don't need to save that for New Years).

Have you noticed that the programs that you are working on during the year will shift at times?

That's okay, as long as you keep the ones that are working for you, drop the ones that aren't, and add the ones that will.

Even in traditional business, companies don't always last, you may get laid off, or decide you can no longer continue where you are. Hasn't that happened to you?

However, in working a traditional job, you can only spread yourself so thin by working one or two jobs maybe...

...but in online business, we are so fortunate that we can literally choose from multiple earning streams, and pick the ones that make sense to us personally.

Today, pour yourself a cup of coffee and ==> do this exercise...

...then please let me know which of your projects stand out to you!


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Have a great day!

Lori P.

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