Published by Lori Petrosino — 7-14-2019 at 7:44 PM UTC

My friend Ellis Hadlock has an awesome offer for you:

"We Will Place 10 PAID Members Under You For FREE Potential income of over 88,000 per month!"

This is is actually quite simple. 

The  goal is for people to have a passive, autopilot income, utilizing the most essential tool required for Internet Marketers... An autoresponder!

Paid Traffic Wave members are placed in a rotator until you have 10 paid members under you, and 10 members under your members and so on. 

This is a potential income of over $88k.


You do nothing! There are no hits requirements. All the work is done for you.

The team brings the traffic, the leads, and does all the follow up to get you 10 paid members!

You couldn't ask for a simpler business!  

All you have to do is to lock in your position right NOW as a paid member (do not choose free trial because you will miss out on your placed team members.) 

Go here to secure your positionhttp://thedownliner.com/custom.php?r=27096&p=31672 )


Once you have registered as a paid member, send an email to:

Thetowersteam@gmail.com with the subject "I Joined Trafficwave with The Towers Team" and:

  1. Your Trafficwave username
  2. Your sponsor username (viplorip)

Your paid membership will be verified and you will immediately be put in the rotator.


The next step (your only job) is to sit back, relax and wait (of course you can always be proactive if you wish to earn faster). 

You will see that we will fill your matrix fast.

Don't miss this... having someone else build your business doesn't happen everyday.

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