Time to Set the Record Straight

Published by Tony Tezak — 8-11-2017 at 7:48 PM UTC

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Hi All! I am Tony Tezak and live in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my wife and our dog. We have two grown Sons. One is a Mechanical Engineer and the other is a Micro-Biologist. I am retired from the US Air Force. In 1998, I was sitting at home, my wife was working as a registered nurse, two Sons in school and a dog who did not talk. We had this thing in one corner of the house called a computer. I ventured over and turned it on. I have successfully used traffic exchanges for 16 years to build my lists and my business. I am the owner of TezzersTrafficPower.com manual traffic exchange which has over 131,000 members and TezzerMail.com! Leased Ad Space has the potential to become one the largest advertising venues on the internet. Plus the opportunity for income is a real chance for lots to make some money. Join, buy the traffic packages and move up the Line. :) Cheers!