It's LIVE! Earn Bitcoin into the Future!

Published by Tony Tezak — 3-30-2017 at 4:21 PM UTC

Infinity Push just went into public pre-launch!

This is a brand new Bitcoin earning and

advertising opportunity owned by Clinton Clark.

This is going to be HUGE!

I expect this one to really take off, so if you're

into bitcoin, jump on board right now:


Multiple ways to earn & huge spill over


This could very well grow into a million+ member,

worldwide community.

Get positioned NOW in not one, not two, but THREE

integrated compensation plans.

The products will be top notch advertising. Banner

ads, text ads, entry ads, solo ads, top sponsor

ads – and more being developed.

This is not one of those bitcoin gifting programs

that are popping up everywhere! This is a real

program with quality advertising and one heck of a

compensation plan!

The core compensation plan is a 2x10 forced

matrix. The small, compact 2x10 provides for

spillover and simple duplication.

Then there is an infinity deep PUSH system (binary

matrix). This system allows you to earn to,

INFINITY depth, and, better yet, provides you with

the potential for unlimited re-entries in the 2x10

"Group Team" Matrix (PUSH Positions).

And both are fed by a company managed advertising

co-op where you can earn and/or purchase shares.

You also earn commissions on the 2x10 purchases of

ALL of your direct referrals regardless of where

they fall in your matrix!

You can grab Lifetime Positioning NOW!


You can choose which level you want to start.

You can already get started with a one time $10


I highly recommend upgrading a few levels higher

to stay ahead of your downline and taking the push

upgrade (which will give you higher commissions on

your direct referral purchases and will also pay

you on every matching sale in the binary matrix

PLUS provide you with the potential for unlimited

re-entries in the 2x10 "Group Team" Matrix (PUSH

Positions). But if you are not in the financial

position to do that, than just $10 one-time will

get you started!

You can pay with Bitcoin or Payza.

Commissions will be paid in BITCOIN ONLY!

To sum it up:

- top notch advertising

- 2x10 forced matrix

- INFINITY deep binary matrix

- 2x10 group team matrix

- commission on direct referral purchases down 10


- Earn ad co-op shares to keep things cooking!

- Bitcoin and Payza accepted

- Commissions paid in BITCOIN ONLY!

Because of the acceptance of bitcoin this is a

truly worldwide opportunity.

Take action, grab your spot in the matrices now!

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