IBOToolBox Review - A Big Internet Marketing Machine For Massive Exposure

Published by Timothy Olson — 9-27-2019 at 9:51 AM UTC

This IBOToolBox review shares useful information about one of the largest and most active Internet marketing social networks in the world, IboToolBox.com.

If you are an Internet marketer, blogger, vlogger, affiliate marketer, social media expert or home business owner you should definitely be part of IBOToolBox. 

It is absolutely free to sign up for an account.  Unlike many other Internet marketing platforms out there, IBOToolBox.com does not have any up-sells or special packages you must buy.

You can buy banner advertising credits on IBOToolBox.com, but it is completely optional. As a free member you will get access to the same features, you can earn credits just by being active on the platform.

IBOToolBox.com is designed to give your Internet business (or offline business) a lot of exposure, thanks to social networking with

other members. You will get exposure for your own opportunity by being active. The more active you are in IBOToolBox, the more "spotlight time" you will get.  

Here below are some of the key features of IBOToolBox.com.


This is where all the important information and updates are posted. Everything is in one place, easy to read.


This is basically the center point of all activity within this Internet marketing platform. You can use the IBO wall to brand yourself, build relationships with other members and to market your business.

The most successful IBOToolBox members are those that are active, support and participate on a daily basis.


You will receive private messages and can send messages to other IBO members using this feature. This is a highly effective way to get in touch with other members, share marketing ideas and tips.


Under this section you can find a list of all your IBO associates. You can also contact them here.


Advertising on IBOToolBox.com is extremely targeted. If you are in the Internet marketing or make money online - niches, you are marketing directly to those who are interested in what you have to offer. You can expect to get new leads and sales down the line by advertising here regularly.

The advertising system uses credits that you can earn for free by doing different actions, or you can buy credits (see below for more information).


The credit center contains everything you need to know about IBO credits. Here is useful information about how you can earn free credits, buying credits, how to use your credits and so on.


At this section you will find an array of 6 in-house tools and 5 third-party tools that will help you build your Internet business. One of the tools I personally use regularly is the "Press Release Tool". It is where you write unique articles that are published on IBOToolBox.com. 

Every article you write will also get indexed by the search engines which gives you highly targeted traffic over time. If you are only looking for a great place to publish content, then I recommend you take a closer look at this. More information here


IBOToolBox.com has also an affiliate program. When someone joins through your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will earn a 20% commission. When you have accumulated $50 in commissions, you will be paid through PayPal on the 1st each month.


IBOToolBox.com is a great place to build your own email list. Joining is really a great idea because it is free and gives so much value. Every time you refer someone to IBOToolBox, he or she will become your lead. You will receive this persons email address and telephone number as well. As a bonus, you will earn a commission every time your referral makes a purchase.

IBOToolBox provides an array of banners and links you can use to refer new members.


There is also a help desk available if you have trouble. Other members are willing to help and often the problem is solved just by asking other members through the messaging system.


I joined IBOToolBox in March 2018. Personally, this Internet marketing platform has allowed me to get in touch with other marketers. Sharing tips and ideas is the most valuable part. Also, the option to write new articles (press releases) is a really great feature. If you are into blogging and making money online, then you need to write useful and unique content regularly. 

At IBOToolBox.com, you have a great (100% free) platform to do so. As a bonus, you get in touch with other people who you can ask advice and also help.

Hopefully this IBOToolBox review gave you some information about how this platform works and how it can help you get more traffic, leads and sales.

For more information, here is my profile at IBOToolBox.com.

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