LeadsLeap Review - 11 Important Things You Must Know Before Signing Up

Published by Timothy Olson — 8-28-2019 at 10:33 AM UTC

This LeadsLeap review shares the most important facts about one of the best free traffic generation sites available.

LeadsLeap.com is a proven traffic system since 2008. It is a free advertising platform that currently has over 119,000 members.

LeadsLeap is the first (and currently only system available) that can track surfing duration for your affiliate links and also third-party links.

Tracking is one of the most important things when it comes to Internet marketing. You simply need to know exactly where your traffic comes from and if it converts to leads and sales.

LeadsLeap.com has an advertising network that covers over 6,000 sites and over 400,000 ad impressions per day. When you sign up for a free account, you can advertise to the entire network and get REAL VISITORS (not bots!) to your offers. This traffic really does convert into leads and sales for you.

LeadsLeap.com is designed so it is possible to automatically earn money while getting traffic just by using the services.

4 Different Ways To Get Traffic To Your Offers

#1. You can advertise to other LeadsLeap.com members.

After you setup your ads, they will be shown to other members instantly. Other members are incentivized to view the ads. It is not like traditional traffic exchanges where the person leaves after viewing the ad for 10 to 15 seconds. 

On LeadsLeap.com, you will earn more credits (and earn money) the longer you view the offer.

LeadsLeap members are website owners, Internet marketers and individuals who are looking for legitimate ways to get more targeted website traffic and earn money. 

If you have a great offer about traffic generation or making money online, then you have just found your target audience. You will most likely get new leads and sign-ups to your offer just by using LeadsLeap.com.

#2. LeadsLeap also runs a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising program.

LeadsLeap rewards publishers to show your ads on their blogs and websites using a special ad widget. At the moment, over 4,000 publishers have installed the ad widget on their sites and this results in over 400,000 ad impressions per day.

#3. You will get organic traffic from search engines.

Writing in-depth product reviews is one of the best ways you can get organic traffic from the search engines. LeadsLeap.com operates a social review directory that is optimized for the search engines. 

When you write 100% unique product reviews and publish them, you will receive targeted traffic from search engines that will convert into sign ups and sales down the line. You write a review just one time, but it will generate traffic, sign ups and sales for years to come.

#4. LeadsLeap.com is a 10-level deep network builder.

LeadsLeap allows you to build a downline 10-levels deep. Referring new members to LeadsLeap.com is simple because the offer is fantastic and free!

As an example:

In theory, let´s say you refer just 10 new people and your 10 new members do the same, you will have 100 people in your team. If these 100 members also refer 10 people each, you have 1000 people in your team, and so on... 10 levels deep!

This is not MLM, this is a lead building system. LeadsLeap is free to join, there is nothing to purchase.

4 Ways To Build Your Business Using LeadsLeap

#1. "The Real Tracker"

This LeadsLeap review and many others on the web rave about "the real tracker". It is the ONLY tracker that allows you to track the exact surfing duration of your traffic to your own affiliate links. 

Traditional tracking systems only track clicks and nothing else. By tracking only clicks it is impossible to know if the clicks are from real visitors, exactly how long they have been on your site looking for information or signed up for your newsletter. 

It is very important to know as much as possible about your traffic, or you will lose a lot of money.

==> Learn more about "The Real Tracker" 

#2. PopupXpert

The PopupXpert is a popup and inline widget generator that is hosted by LeadsLeap.com. If you have a blog or website, you probably know how much your conversion rates can increase by having a popup on your site. 

Generally, popups on the market are really expensive and often difficult to use. They can also contain all kinds of bugs.

PopupXpert can generate almost any kind of mobile friendly popup that you can use to generate signups for your newsletter (and sales down the line...) 

Best of all, it is absolutely free and does not require any hosting. You just add it to your blog or website, and it can be used with "The Real Tracker" as well.

==> Learn more about PopupXpert 

#3. The List Manager

The list manager is an autoresponder built in with the PopupXpert. The list manager is just a basic list management system perfect for those who are not willing to pay for an autoresponder account such as GetResponse or MailChimp.

With the list manager you can build your own email list, use double optin to prevent spam complaints, automatically send out welcome emails (with a link if needed) and send out mass email if you have an SMTP account. 

You cannot use the list manager for sending out mass emails. This needs to be done using the OTO-list builder (see below).

#4. The OTO-List Builder

The OTO-list builder is a professional, self hosted, PHP list builder script. It allows you to build a sales funnel and run an Internet business like a professional. The script is developed and maintained by the LeadsLeap.com team.

The OTO-list builder includes an autoresponder, a mass mailer, an automatic newsletter mailer, a one-time offer system, payment integration and your own affiliate program.

The OTO-list builder basically includes everything besides your domain name, hosting account and website/blog.

==> Learn more about the OTO-List builder 

3 Ways To Make Money Using LeadsLeap

This is a quite long LeadsLeap review, but this last part is all about how to make money. This is one of the most important and interesting things about this free system.

#1. Login daily, be an active member!

It is easy to be an active member at LeadsLeap. All you need to do is login daily and click 10 ads. These 10 clicks can be your own clicks or third-party clicks from the ad widget on your site. 

The more ads you click per day, the more money you will earn. All your clicks for 24 hours will be used to calculate your daily earnings, know as the "daily active bonus". The bonus is derived from 5-10% of the daily advertising income of LeadsLeap.com.

Every member is eligible for this bonus, all you need to do is to click on just 10 ads per day.

#2. Convert your credits into cash

When you have 50 credits in your account, you can convert them into cash.

#3. Earn recurring affiliate commissions

LeadsLeap is 100% free to use, but there is an optional upgrade available. When a member in your team upgrades to PRO, you will earn a 25-50% recurring monthly commission paid to your PayPal account.


This LeadsLeap review shares some of the best features about this system and some of my personal views as well. If you are looking for a high-quality system to build your list and get highly targeted traffic to your offers for free, then give LeadsLeap a try. 

The PRO upgrade is great value and it will really boost your traffic automatically (your ads will be shown 24/7 without any credits needed). I highly recommend looking into it when you have logged in. Just click on the link here below to create your 100% free account now.

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