How To Become A Super-Affiliate Marketer - Top 7 Strategies For Success

Published by Timothy Olson — 7-31-2019 at 9:07 AM UTC

What is a super-affiliate marketer? A super-affiliate marketer is a person who manages to earn a 4 or 5-figure income month after month promoting other people´s products.

Normally, affiliate marketers can expect to make a few sales per month depending on how much they promote the product and what marketing methods they use.

Of course, the more targeted website traffic you can manage to get to the offer, the more sales. Most affiliates never earn any commissions at all.

Super Affiliate vs. "Normal" Affiliate?

  • What separates a super-affiliate marketer from a "normal" affiliate marketer?
  • What does these 5-figure earners do differently than others?
  • Is it possible to become a super-affiliate marketer?

An online based research has been made some time ago. It clearly shows that:

  • Less than 6% of those promoting a product (affiliates) make 80% of the total commissions of the product.
  • Less than 11% of all affiliates refer enough sales to reach the commission payment threshold every month.
  • Less than 20% of those promoting an affiliate product earn a commission at some point.
  • More than 78% of all affiliates who are actively promoting a product, never earn a commission.

Only 6% of affiliates are super-affiliates and 78% of those who are promoting the exact same product never earn anything. How is this possible?

Every affiliate have access to the exact same marketing tools, promotion tools, information and strategies. Super-affiliates clearly do something differently to achieve great results from their marketing efforts.

Here are 7 key differences that separates super-affiliate marketers from "normal" affiliate marketers.

#1. Super-affiliates always select their products carefully!

Super-affiliates never promote just any product. They select their products very carefully and look at things "normal" affiliate marketers do not. 

They look at things such as: 

  • the quality of the product (only promote high-quality products)
  • the price point (free to sign up, with upgrades on the way)
  • sales copy (the sales copy must be professionally written)
  • commission payout structure (recurring monthly income is the best!)
  • commission amounts (the higher the better, how much they will make per sale)

#2. Super-affiliates always choose products that pay higher commissions!

On the Internet, it takes the exact same work to promote a $37 product or a $397 product. A reason why super-affiliates manage to earn 4 or 5-figure incomes per month is quite simple. They promote products that pay higher commissions.

#3. Super-affiliates always use their email lists!

A key to online success is to build an email list. Super-affiliates are aware of this and spend most of their time building their lists of subscribers. When people join their email list, they start building a relationship with them.

They send useful and helpful information to their list regularly, over time also product recommendations. When people buy a product they recommend, they will earn a commission. 

Can you see how easy it is to earn thousands of dollars every month when you have an email list of 15,000+ people?

==> More about building an email list here 

#4. Super-affiliates only promote 1 (one) high-quality product at a time!

A lot of Internet marketers make a huge mistake when emailing their subscribers. They recommend several different products in the same email. The intention is to give the recipients an option, but in reality it only confuses them. They don´t know what to do.

The result is that they do nothing at all or in worst case unsubscribe from your newsletter. No one likes to be sold anything directly, this is true online and offline. People want to find and research for themselves.

Super-affiliates understand that when you provide as much value as you possibly can and recommend products after you have built trust with your subscribers, then you will earn money. Not before. Direct selling never works, recommending works really well.

When you send an email to your list recommending a product, you want the recipient to do just one thing, clicking the link at the end of the email. You want them to take action and buying the product you recommend, not confuse them.

#5. Super-affiliates create several income streams!

In today´s world, you should never rely on just one income stream. This is true offline and online. Offline, in the real world, one income stream is your day job. If you lose that, you will be in trouble. Online, it is much easier to create several income streams.

Super-affiliates create several income streams only using their email lists. They promote several closely related products to their list over time. Their main goal is to get people to join their list.

After that, they can promote as many different products as they want for as long as the subscriber is on the list. This is why it is so important to build trust and send lots of useful information without trying to sell anything.

If you only try to sell to your list, they will quickly unsubscribe. They originally signed up to receive great content, so give it to them!

#6. Super-affiliates are always willing to learn!

Super-affiliates are "all-in" with their businesses. They always educate themselves, learn new marketing techniques, they never stop learning. Education is very important when it comes to earning a living from affiliate marketing.

Best of all, it does not cost anything. There are dozens of discussion boards and forums that anyone can use. One of the most popular discussion forums for Internet marketers is called The Warrior Forum. If you participate regularly at these forums and shares useful tips and advice, people will begin to trust you and see you as an authority.

#7. Super-affiliates are so much more than just affiliates!

Being a super-affiliate is so much more than just promoting other peoples products. These individuals also create their own products. This enables them to earn a lot more money.

Creating your own product does take time and effort, but if a super-affiliate does not know how it can be done, he/she will learn how to. They take massive action and risks to achieve their goals!

How To Become A Super-Affiliate Marketer?

It is totally achievable to become a famous super-affiliate marketer like for instance John Crestani. First of all, you will need to do all the things I explained above plus having the right business-mindset.

Super-affiliates think of their business as a *REAL* online business, not a small time hobby you do once in a while. If you think of your business as a hobby, then it will become one and the income will be a very small "hobby income".

The minute you start treating your online business as a *REAL* business, it will become one because you are now operating it with a super-affiliate mindset.

You are now 100% committed to your business and have a goal to become successful no matter what obstacles in your way.

More information about becoming a super-affiliate:


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