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Published by Timothy Olson — 12-12-2018 at 11:41 AM UTC

This review is about GDI (Global Domains International). 

GDI is a domain registry service provider company ( that has been around since 1999. They specialize in the .ws extension, but you can also register top level domains extensions like .com, .net and .org through this company.

GDI also offers web hosting services, site builder tools, blogging tools and email for only $10 per month, which is very affordable.

When you sign up for GDI you will get:

  • A 7 day free trial. After 7 days you will pay only $10 per month for the service.
  • Website and blog builder tools.
  • Your own .ws domain name.
  • Website hosting with 100 MB storage.
  • 10 "" email addresses.

Most web hosting companies charge a lot more and they do not offer other incentives such as an affiliate program. Many people sign up for GDI especially for the affiliate program because it provides monthly residual income over time.

The GDI Affiliate Program:

A membership in the GDI affiliate program enables you to earn weekly and monthly commissions plus bonuses. The affiliate program is quite simple. Once you join GDI you will become an affiliate automatically. You will earn $1 (one USD) for every personal referral as long as they are active and pay their $10 monthly fee. You need 10 personal affiliates to get your own hosting for free.

Referring 10 affiliates may sound simple, but in reality you need to promote many hours per day and it can take several months to achieve this. There are lots of training manuals and videos available that shows how to get website traffic.

If you are not interested in learning how to promote online, you can join GDI through a team of affiliates who help each other build their businesses, help with the promotion and even place people in your own team.

This is what I did, and it works great :)

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The Compensation Plan

The compensation works according to an MLM model. First of all, you will get $1 per month for each active referral. You can have as many affiliates as you want on level 1. You will earn 10% payments up to level 5 in your team.

Level:    Customers:         Monthly income:

#1            5                            $5 per month

#2           25 (5 x 5)                $25 per month

#3           125 (25 x 5)             $125 per month

#4          625 (125 x 5)           $625 per month

#5          3125 (625 x 5)          $3125 per month

Total:    3905 customers      $3905 per month

In other words, if you refer just 5 affiliates to GDI, and each of them do the same, then your monthly income would be $3905 per month. This is passive income, from work you have done once!

(Please Note: The chart above is just to show what is possible with the GDI affiliate program. Obviously, no one can guarantee any results.)

There are also bonuses available. If you refer 5 active affiliates in one week, you will earn a $100 bonus. This motivates affiliates to take action. Best of all, you can earn this bonus over and over again. 

Achieving this kind of income just by promoting on your own would take a very long time, most people would quit. However, you can make this kind of income if you join GDI through a team of affiliates that all help each other by marketing and recruiting new members to your team as well. 

This makes the process quick and simple. It allows you to maximize your success with a company like GDI and earn monthly residual income.

Pros And Cons


  • GDI is affordable, a 7-day free trial, then only $10 per month.
  • GDI offers high quality services.
  • It is reliable. The company has been around for almost 20 years.
  • Their affiliate program offers great rewards and bonuses.
  • It is easy to use, step-by-step instructions.
  • The support works really well. If you have problems, they will help you.


  • The domain extension .ws is not as "SEO friendly" as .com, .net or .org domain names. This can affect your ranking in the search results. (In the end, you should never rely on only organic search engine traffic in the first place.)

UPDATE: The domain extension does not affect the search engine rankings anymore. 

Is GDI something for you?

There are more pros than cons. If you are looking for high quality website hosting for an affordably monthly fee of $10, then I can highly recommend it. Also, the company has been around for almost 20 years. It will not go anywhere. This can become a reliable income source for you.

The GDI affiliate program can earn you a steady residual monthly income over time. In fact, there are affiliates who earn over $30,000 per month. => Here is a short video with proof! <=

Earning money from any affiliate program means you need to advertise your affiliate link. Internet marketing is not so simple, there is a learning curve. However, there is a lot of training and help available when you sign up. 

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