How To Get More Twitter Followers - Top 5 Tips For Success

Published by Timothy Olson — 11-6-2018 at 12:52 PM UTC

Getting more Twitter followers is actually quite simple. Here are 5 ways you can go about it. Everyone is on Twitter these days, or so it seems to me anyway. 

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The question is: How to get all of those people to follow you? In order to get the word out you must have enough people following you on Twitter.  

How To Get More Twitter Followers - 5 Simple Tips

Here below are some simple steps you can follow that should help you get more Twitter followers. First, remember that good content is good content anywhere on the web.

Make your twitter stream useful and informative, not necessarily just repeating or re-tweeting what thousands of other twitter users say.  

#1. Give people a reason to want to follow you! 

Go ahead and use twitter for a few days before you start pursuing new followers so that people can see a history of the type of content you will be posting.  If you have zero tweets, and ask someone to follow you, you aren’t giving them very good reasons to do so.  

#2. Don’t forget to fully fill out your profile!

Use your first and last name (or fully describe the company you are representing). Include a link back to your web site, so someone knows that you are legitimate, and if they want to know more about you, they can easily do that.

Some people even create a special Twitter landing page that is just for people that get to their home page from Twitter. Twitter allows you to add an image to the background of your profile page. You can let this tell a bigger story about you and who you are.

One basic step to do is to use Twitter’s tools that help you find people you already know that are on Twitter. This means that Twitter will use your email account information to see who in your address book is on the micro-blogging service.  

#3. Follow Others And They Will Probably Follow You Back!

Go ahead and follow all of those people, and there is a good chance that they will follow you back. Once you have followed a few people, Twitter will generate some other likely people that you can follow who match your interests.  These are usually people that would be interested in following you back as well.

#4. Don´t Be Anonymous! 

Don’t be anonymous in your other social networking profiles about your Twitter information. It is easy to add your twitter handle to your email signature, to your business card, your LinkedIn account and your Facebook account.  Use a Facebook status update to let people know that you are on Twitter.

There are Twitter directories on the Internet that you can freely and easily register with. This makes the most sense to do if you are looking for followers of a certain type, such as a region of the country or in a specific industry.  

#5. Ask questions! 

Twitter is best used when it is a back and forth social networking option.  If your tweets are coming out in just a one way fashion, it will get boring to your followers.  And don’t stop at asking questions; also respond to other people that you follow. This type of conversation will help to build your clout and influence on the site.  

No one wants to follow a robot, so don’t act like one. With good content and a little time and effort you will be getting more Twitter followers in no time.

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