How To Make Passive Income Online From YouTube

Published by Timothy Olson — 11-5-2018 at 10:10 AM UTC

How to make passive income online from YouTube?  You can most definitely earn passive income from YouTube videos. The first step is to understand the work that is going to be involved in such a venture. This isn’t meant to discourage you.

It’s just important to remember that when it comes to earning passive income from YouTube videos, what you get out of the venture is going to depend on what you choose to put into it. -Keeping this in mind, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Do You Want To Earn Passive Income From YouTube Videos?

It’s hard to believe that YouTube has been around for a little over a decade at this point (Nov 2018). There is no question that for millions of people each day, YouTube is an essential component to exploring news, information, music, film, and much more.

This reality means that when it comes to earning passive income from your own YouTube videos, the potential is most certainly there. And without question, you’ve probably heard about YouTube celebrities. 

These would be people who have actually gotten to the point of being able to earn five or six-income passive income salaries from their YouTube efforts.

While this is a fairly extreme example of what you can accomplish with YouTube videos and passive income, the important thing to remember is that this is a viable example of passive income ideas.

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Getting Started With YouTube Videos For Passive Income

To begin with, you’re naturally going to want to have great YouTube videos in place. This can naturally provide you with a great deal of work. However, without a great video or channel (what you really want to eventually do is create a channel that’s home to multiple videos), you’re not going to get very far.

The nice thing about YouTube is that you are still free to create any kind of video you wish. You will also want to take steps to pack your description and tags with as many useful keywords as possible.

Once you have the fantastic content, you’re ready to move on to the next level. At this point, all of us are aware that YouTube videos now come with ads. You have the ads that appear on the video, as you’re watching it.

These ads are known as overlay ads. The second type of ads you probably encounter on YouTube are known as pre-roll ads. These are the ads that come on before your actual video, often with the ability to cancel out of the ad after a few seconds.

One of the challenges to earning passive income through YouTube videos is to determine the type of ads that are right for you. Furthermore, you are also going to want to give some thought over to the frequency of the ads. In the end, a lot of passive income experts seem to agree that overlay ads are the way to go.

These are a little less annoying, since they don’t force the viewer to watch something from the beginning. The number of ads you want to run through your video is going to depend strongly on the length of the video itself.

You don’t want to run overlay ads to the point of being annoying. What you ideally want to do is run enough to be memorable, but not so many as to become annoying. For example, two ads for a three-and-a-half-minute video might be optimal.

Additional Tips For Earning Passive Income Through YouTube

If you happen to reach the significant plateau of six thousand subscribers, then you’re officially in line to make some decent passive income with YouTube. 

As a YouTube Partner, you will have the ability to utilize a variety of tools and suggestions, in order to optimize the monetary potential of your YouTube videos and YouTube ads.

You will be able to work with a wide variety of ad formats and concepts, with the ability to work with immensely useful data that will spell out in no uncertain terms how your videos are doing.

In the end, the most essential piece of advice anyone could ever give you on YouTube and passive income is to maintain subscriber loyalty.

3 Basic Requirements

There are 3 Basic requirements. First, you must create original videos. This means, you can’t upload a video, television show, or a movie that you didn’t make.  They are looking for original content that you created.  

In addition, these videos that you create must be able to be streamed online, meaning that the technical specifications of the content are suitable.

Secondly, you either have to own all the rights to the video itself, or if you don’t own it, the owner has given you permission to those rights.  Remember, that this does not refer to just the video content, but it also refers to the audio content of the video as well.  

So don’t include a song if you didn’t right the song yourself, or the artist didn’t give you permission to use that song. If the video is not yours, but you have permission to the rights, it is recommended that you have that permission in a written format that is easily emailable to anyone that is looking for that information.

Third, you should upload qualified videos on a regular basis, AND those qualified videos are viewed by thousands of visitors.  This means that your video of your cat that you and your best friend view doesn’t count.  

But, if that cat video suddenly gets thousands of views because your cat is awesome or does some incredible trick, that probably qualifies. YouTube is looking at volume here.  If you see DVDs online, you may also qualify under this rule.

How To Become A YouTube Partner
Those are the very basic requirements, so if you think you meet those qualifications, the next step in becoming a YouTube partner and making money off of YouTube is applying to become a partner. You can apply to become a partner through the YouTube site itself.

Before you become a YouTube partner, you must also have a Google AdSense account, since AdSense is how you actually earn your money through the site.  Before you apply to become a YouTube partner, you should already have a Google AdSense account.

One tip – if you don’t meet their qualifications, and are rejected for the program, you can’t apply again for another two months. 

So make sure that you meet the requirements before you apply.  If you don’t currently meet the qualifications and would like to hurry that process along, you can choose to make one of your videos a promoted video.  

This will attract more viewers to your videos, but it does cost money out of your pocket. Making money off of YouTube is possible, but you have to make sure that you are providing qualified content in the first place.

Don’t randomly place ads that have absolutely nothing to do with the video your viewer is watching. Don’t take your subscribers for granted either. In this absolutely vicious world of YouTube monetization, it doesn’t take a lot to convince your subscribers to move somewhere else.

To that end, make sure you are constantly engaging your audience with videos that are going to generate the best reaction possible. Look for different avenues to promote your videos. You should also create an account at, another big video sharing site.

For example, if you think there might be some value to be found in promoting your videos through a Facebook page or Twitter account, then this is something you can definitely explore. In short, passive income through YouTube videos is absolutely worth trying for yourself.


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