Top 7 Tips To Make Your Blog More Personal

Published by Timothy Olson — 10-24-2018 at 10:22 PM UTC

Over the past few years, blogging has become an incredibly popular way to pass time on the Internet. 

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Blogging is a great way to record events of your life or share experiences with like-minded people.

Foodie blogs, photography blogs, technology blogs and political blogs are some of the many blogs you can find on the Internet.

Top 7 Tips To Make Your Blog More Personal:

Gaining popularity are personal blogs, spaces where people vent their personal feelings to a reading audience. If you need an outlet for your emotional distress or just want to tell a story, creating a personal blog is a good way to go about it. A personal blog can anything you wish--from a informational resource to an online memoir.

Here's are 7 helpful tips to get to help turn your general blog into a more heartfelt and personal adventure log.

#1. Be discreet and respectful

Once you begin sharing  personal stories through your personal blog, many people--including those you may know--will read. The best stories are often based in truth. When you're creating a personal blog, you're going to want to be as truthful as you can manage.

Unfortunately, revealing the truth can draw attention to your loved ones and acquaintances. To avoid this, give them an alias to conceal their identities. A simple code name like “Grapes” or just the first letter of their name helps with hiding their identity from the Internet.

It's also best to omit information that may be harmful to others. If your blog isn't private, intimate details about your personal life may spread throughout the Internet.

#2. Practice originality

The point of sharing your life with others through your personal blog doesn't come with repeating other trends circulating the blog-o-sphere. Instead of adopting a familiar tone of voice or writing style read elsewhere, create your own distinct blogging voice.

Experiment with adding pictures or different text layouts to express your stories in ways other haven't seen before.

#3. Don't steal material

Don't forget to avoid copying other bloggers when writing your personal stories. Copying someone else's blog posts is also known as plagiarism, a surefire way to end your personal blog before it even starts.

If you're referencing other's works, don't forget to cite them properly. Research what you can and cannot reference on your blog, if it's absolutely necessary to mention something in your personal stories if the story calls for it.

#4. Develop your own style

Hand in hand with practicing originality comes developing your own blogging style. Creating your own blogging style means to craft a voice readers will associate with you and you alone. This enhances your personal stories' impact to your audience.

And the better the delivery of your stories is, the more popular your personal blog might become. When developing your own style, stick to a casual voice readers can easily relate to. This will help your blog entries seem easier to read. Incorporate your own opinion about the story you're telling into the words you write.

#5. Always be honest

Don't be afraid to be honest. You can be honest in your blog entries without going too overboard. It's likely that the honesty in your posts will keep readers reading your stories, contributing to an increase in audience regardless of content.

#6. Be yourself

Keeping your spirit alive within your blog have everything to do with honesty. The personal blog you create should reflect the kind of person that you are. Your persona, mannerisms and sense of style should become integrated with your personal blog. A good blog will keep your audience reading.

A great and memorable personal blog will have your audience raiding your page for updates. Your blog is supposed to be about you, so to make it personal, be personal. This is perhaps the most important tip for how to make your blog more personal.

#7. Get comfortable

Once it's just you and only you writing your blog entries, take the time to get absolutely comfortable with your content. A more personal take on your blog entries invites your audience into your zone to read about the story of your life. Adopt different tones of voices in your text, when a story calls for it.

A humorous take on a serious event can make an entry memorable--and make you feel better about the situation. Your audience will love hearing funny antidotes on rather mundane events on your life, so try to make it relatable. The simplest description can invoke laughter.

Turning your jack-of-all-trades blog into a personal blog is easy, as long as you take the time to consider the kind of content you want to create. 

A personal blog can be a diary to vent your emotional distress or a journal to record happenings in your daily life. Regardless of the content, keeping an entertaining and smartly written personal blog will inspire your Internet audience. 

Besides the 7 simple tips above, there are many other ways you can make your blog more personal.

Some of the best ways is to read discussion forums or simply read other blogs. These are the best ways to learn how you can make your blog look professional.

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