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Welcome! My name is Timothy Olson. I have been working online since 2003 and currently I earn a full-time living from home. I became an Internet marketer by mistake, I got unemployed and had to figure out a way to pay the bills and put food on the table.

When I started my "IM journey" I had no idea that Internet marketing could be so hard, 99% of the information out there is total B*** S***. There are no shortcuts to making money online. I have tried most of the "systems" available (including those that promise instant riches over night), and needless to say, they didnĀ“t work.

When I realized that list building is the key, things started happening for me. Today, I know a lot when it comes to SEO, email list building, blogging, affiliate marketing, traffic generation (free and paid) and earning a living from home in general.

Earning a living from home takes a lot of hard work and determination (at least in the beginning). Eventually you will see results if you work towards your goal.

The video by Zig Ziglar here below motivates and inspires me to work harder. Check it out!

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