Email Marketing Powerhouse packed with value

Published by Timothy Hanson — 11-24-2017 at 4:15 PM UTC

One of my most recommended resources for 

honing your email marketing skills and learning

what works and what does is a great product 

brought to you by Marty Petrizza. It makes 

a perfect companion for promoting TE List Builder

in the mailer and safelist niche.

Check out Referral Frenzy>>>

Its free to join and get started but I think once you see 

the unmatched value provided here you will take hold 

of this gem and run with it.

Let me explain why.....

I started in traffic exchanges but quickly realized 

that I was holding myself back by not expanding my 

reach using other mediums and platforms. I have always

had the ability to write but I had NO ad copy experience.

Mailers and safelists opened my world up. This program 

was one of the first ones I joined because I saw that it 

was more than a program, downline builder and mailer.

It gave me a base to write and save my emails easily and 

split test different promotions. There are monthly bonus

credits for upgraded members that allow my reach to extend

and really get a good handle on what emails and page promotions 

are promoting. Outside of the mailer credits there are extremely 

generous and valuable banner and text ad credits. Banners and 

Texts I think are often overlooked but with a little practice they 

work great....just takes a little work and testing.

When I say a ton of monthly bonuses I am not kidding...

You will receive more than 100,000 mailer credits,

10,000 surf credits, 200,000 banner and 200,000 text ad credits

from a host of different sites.

That is enough advertising to make a huge difference in your promotions.

What are some other features ? 

1. Easily log in to all the mailers from one page.

It is like a home base for every thing.

2.Super Tool allows you to see and easily assign banners and texts.

3. A rebradable promotable ebook

4. Quickly read and collect credits from all the banners.

5. Keeps track of all your log in details and makes a great Downline Builder

6. Schedule mailings and mail multiple mailers at the same time

7. Built in ad tracking

8. If you choose to become a promoter Marty pays commissions

in timely manner unlike so many owners 

I could go on and on there is just so much here

It is better you jump in free and see what is in front of you.

If I had to give a negative to this program I would really have to stretch.

I will say this, it takes time to get set up and fully use this platform

but that is time well spent. The way I did it was simple. I logged in 

and started adding all my details to the different programs.

As I was doing other things through the day I would log in and add

a new mailer and I think after a week i was set up and running smooth

using all the programs. 

It is now a tool I cant live without and I highly recommend

it to anyone, upgrades are dirt cheap for the power and 

amount of bonus advertising you receive.

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