Email marketing has crossed into commercial advertising

Published by Timothy Hanson — 10-9-2017 at 2:17 PM UTC

Yesterday while driving I was listening to 

some news on my Sirius satellite radio

and guess what ad came on several times ? 

An ad for an email marketing platform ? What ? 

Yeah I heard it right, Get Response has moved to 

commercial advertising. Last night I heard and saw the 

same ad on television.

I looked at Get Response a few years ago and although 

it appears to be a great platform it just did not fit my small 

business and the price was just too salty for me.

Rocket Responder is what works so well for me.

Feature rich, Great support, fair price especially 

for people just getting started and a rock solid 

commission structure.

Fast forward from when I started email marketing 

to that advertisement I heard yesterday. Get response

is super targeting a wide range of business now.

With big advertising campaigns come huge costs....

Who pays for those campaigns ? The users of Get Response.

What do you think that will do to their price structuring ???

There is nothing wrong with what they are doing,

I actually found it pretty genius, but if you pull back 

the covers , think about what that is going to do to their

prices as they gain a little success, greed and the wanting 

of more will come in.

I know the owners of Rocket Responder, I trust the owners

of Rocket Responder and I know that Rocket Responder 

is going to deliver my email with their feature rich platform.

Its just what works for me at a price that works for me and 

I also believe very much with being faithful to some things.

I still think it is cool what Get Response is doing and even cooler 

to hear an ad campaign for email marketing platform. It gives

much fortitude to the fact that email marketing is the way of the 

world and a great way to market a home based business.

Just something to think about this Monday 

Check out Rocket Responder...Its a big boy without the big boy price.

Tim Hanson 

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