My conversions are going through the roof here...

Published by Timothy Hanson — 7-25-2017 at 4:01 PM UTC

Do you know Darren Olander ? 

If not you may be familiar with 

some of his sites. All I can say 

right now is my conversions have

gone from good to through the roof

Click Here to see them all 

Ya see, Darren is one of those owners that 

takes care of his business, provides a valuable

product. A few weeks ago Darren did a nice 

cleanse of his sites. Realizing that there were alot 

of inactive members and members that had not even 

logged in. This is called taking care of your members.

RESULT ? !!!!

Now my promotions are going to active members

Now my mailing credits are more valuable

Now what was already a great group of platforms 

has turned from very good to great.

Plenty of reward and promo codes for credits 

Folks this is what our industry needs.

Join me in success

Tim Hanson 

Darren created Tim Approved

Check them out today if you are not already there.

(Im not hunting sign ups, I want you to reap the great advertising)

Oh and one other important thing, if you are an affiliate promoter

Darren actually pays commissions without begging, without changing

the terms of service, without hiding in the shadows

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