Why would you hunt for a Lion on the plains of the midwest ?

Published by Timothy Hanson — 6-15-2017 at 4:20 AM UTC

Simply put you would not even think to do that.....
or maybe you would because I see an awful lot
of people promoting things in strange places.

You are going to want to read all of this email
as I am giving you something toward the bottom....

For crying out loud its 2017 and email will still be here in 2117 !!!

If you are a new or veteran email marketer I can
tell you there is one bad ass way to hone your skills
using free advertising with safelists and mailers.

When I started as an affiliate I stayed away from them
because I listened to some internet genius tell me they 
were a waste of time.....WRONG...dont subscribe to
the idea that you heard it on the internet so it must be 
true mentality.....

I will venture a guess that 90% of the so called
self proclaimed gurus out there wont give you half the
information I will give you but they sure as heck will 
photoshop the bejesus out of a paypal account and trick
you into believing what they are doing works.

Enough yap from me. Try this and tell me it doesnt work....

1. Set up a basic squeeze page...or 2 for split testing.
(Dont know what a squeeze page is ? Hit the reply button cause we need to talk)

2. Go to your favorite mailer or safelist... 
(Actually go to 5 of of them)
Not getting results ? 
Go here for some warranted performers.

3. Write a brief attractive short attention grabbing mail
of less than 500 characters of text.

Actually dont write one I will give you one right here
you can customize to what you are promoting
or leave it the way it is, very few people read anyway 

Subject: Smart and effective online earning

After years of looking for online work I've found an
online opportunity that makes sense.

The Road to freedom sometimes may be short and easy,
sometimes it might be long and hard. 
Either way it all depends on you.


4. Load up your link (I hope you are 
(People are lazy, make sure the link appears in view of an open email)

5. Hit send 

Tell me what happens after 24 hours.....

Duplicate those steps every day for 2 weeks....
or better yet a month......
scratch that lets just go with eternity....

If you are not getting signups there is a reason
Write to me , skype me , let me put my hands on it,
and see if I can help.

Try different times of the day if you want...
It really doesnt matter too much but I will 
tell you I get a 7% increase in open rates
and click thrus between the hours of 7-12 pm EST.

Im not fooling or kidding this works every single day....

Cant wait to here of your success

Skype: thanson645

PS: Want guaranteed unique hits including social media ?
You might want to 
give this a look.

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