Repetition makes Reputation and Reputation makes customers

Published by Timothy Hanson — 6-14-2017 at 4:30 AM UTC

With my email series I reinforce content content content

and if you are noticing I am highlighting that one action over 

just buy this buy that join X and get Y so on and so on

I read a great deal, for fun , motivation or to learn a new skill.

I follow Gary Vaynerchuk pretty regularly and one of his posts

on Facebook is what sparked me to write this.

Take a look at it here.

I guess I am a fan of his message because 

I get what he is doing. I am no Gary V but what he 

talks about is exactly how you can position yourself 

with email marketing. 

On a very public forum Gary responds to people saying 

his message is too repetitive. People like Gary V are motivators, 

they help you take stock, dig deep and learn how to attack something 

with passion. These motivators will not do the work for you but they 

can stimulate you on how to get it done. With absolute passion.

Too many email marketers fail to shiny object syndrome.

I call it bipolar marketing because most ride the highs of 

a new launch and when it falls off they feel like failures and 

often times give up. I was guilty of it when i started, but now 

I know better. I promote things that are sustainable over

time, valuable marketing tools and evergreen products.

Anything that provides value on a long term basis.

I dont promote them once, twice or 3 times. When I decide 

to promote something I promote it endlessly, without stop. 

I get better results over time than just trying a cash grab

from a launch....I still like to participate in launches and 

sales contests...its just fun...and reaffirms my methods work

Most email marketers will promote something once or maybe twice.

then they just give up and move on to the next thing, 

the same way everyone else is using the same generic pages, 

the same boring and often poorly written email copy and 

expect that results will just start rolling in. It does not work that way. 

When the fan fare of the hot launch wears off , the promotions start 

coming down....this is when I like to start promoting....anywhere from

 7-14 days after a launch......

Find out all about this and more here 

Reward yourself, Be loyal to something ...then try to promote it 


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