3 Hallmark reason that decide if your email campaigns survive or die

Published by Timothy Hanson — 6-5-2017 at 4:17 PM UTC

Everyone wants your email for one reason or another. 

The problem is too many of these will hook you by offering

some sort of product or freebie and then immediately 

bombard you with join this, join that, check out this new launch, or the inevitable.....

"This program will make you $10,000 in 5 days while ironing the wrinkles off your face in 2 days while eating beef jerky and losing 20 pounds on the low-carb diet of the millennium."

You will start realizing there is nothing unique about what they have to offer. Most of these list builders have subscribed to the "check a box" response of building a business but have not taken the time to really think about what they are building a list for or about. Believe it or not many of them are moving ahead with no business plan at all.

They are simply doing what everyone else is doing.

I am going to give you 3 hallmark lessons to write

down and remember as you move forward. 

1. Do not focus on sales and profits.

People first, ALWAYS !!!. 

Profits follow once you focus and develop relationships. 

2. Focus on being a provider of unique, relevant,and valuable content.

Find you niche, establish a vision, develop a plan and take action.

3. Build your brand and develop your reputation.

See point 1 above, it is about creating you, you become your business. Give people what they are looking for, motivate them to follow you .

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