Master your advertising: Email Marketing Edition Hot off the press

Published by Timothy Hanson — 5-30-2017 at 5:03 PM UTC

Good morning, I wake up today and see that May has decided

to come to a rapid close. For those of us in the US June is usually 

considered the beginning of the summer season. 

I have some summer reading you might be interested in.

Last night I launched a new list series dedicated to

Email Marketing.

Master Your Advertising: Email Marketing Edition

Those of you on this list are very familiar with my email series.

This latest edition I have worked on is to focus on email marketing.

Not just about growing your list but how to actually get some 

good conversions by focusing on keeping the content recent,

relevant and helpful. How to create good headlines. The difference

between marketing to your personal list and using safelists, solo 

mails, TE's, so-ops and so much more. I have really poured 

my heart into this one for you.

Dont let the calendar dictate the summer "slow down". 

Problem with that thinking is that is what we trick ourselves into believing.

Maybe for some they pay a little less attention but I have never seen a 

true slow down. Its not summer everywhere.

Get out of the heat and take the time to checkout 

Master Your Advertising: Email Marketing Edition

Kick back with and ice cold lemonade and do something 

that very well could make this your best summer yet.


Tim Hanson 

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