Forgetting is often part of the process of remembering...

Published by Timothy Hanson — 3-20-2017 at 5:37 AM UTC

Here is a little story about someone on my list

Lets just call him "Jack".....

Jack joined my list in the early days and didn't take much action 

Jack left our little corner of the world for awhile, but then he came back

He happened on to one of my emails and a light bulb went off in his head.

I get a message from "Jack" a few weeks ago on skype....

He explained his situation and wanted to get started again....

He felt he was missing something , he wanted a fresh start 

Beyond that he wanted to use MY PLAN, of course i am going to help "Jack"

I took the time to LISTEN to "Jack"

Jack wants to build his list but is not interested in the autoresponder i promote(yet),

he already has one. Jack wants residual income generators, he wants to build downlines 

and of course Jack wants to earn commissions, but more than anything he wants 

to learn how. (I am beyond flattered that he thought to reach out and ask me) 

I looked through some programs I was promoting heavily when he joined

Back in those early days "Jack" joined 2 programs that I was promoting through my list....

Referral Frenzy and Referral Builder Elite.....

He remembered joining those programs, I offered them as a possible starting point.

You see both of these programs are a reasonably low investment, with tons of bonus's,

extremely easy to market, downline growing and commission building programs 

built run and maintained by a great program owner. 

In the past few weeks I mentored "Jack" I helped him get set-up and actually 

walked him through building a squeeze page, I gave him some basic ad copy,

a quick refresher on branding himself and some basic strategy to set forth with 

using traffic exchanges and mailing platforms. I even sent a solo ad on his behalf.

"Jack" is now back in our community ....with a fresh breath of air......and a bit of 

success. This my friends defines what VIRAL really is when it comes to list building.

This all took me less than an hour of work.....including telling the story of "Jack"

Digest this for the week and think about how you can help the many "Jack's" out there.


PS.....Jack also helped me remember something very important....


You never know when someone is going to stumble back into our niche

and start a fury of signups....and commissions too.

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