List Building Experiment marches on and is still an amazing experience

Published by Timothy Hanson — 3-11-2017 at 3:01 PM UTC

I am so immersed in this list building experiment 

and each day have been checking my stats 

with a great deal of excitement.

9 (this week)+18 (last week)= 27 new additions 

This week i focused mostly on traffic exchanges.

9 more added to my list, a little less than round 1 

but this time was from 1 type of platform as mentioned

above with the exception of 1 subscriber from a co-op.

9+18=27 new

A little proof to show  what I am doing is actually working.

When that page opens click around and take a look at some 

of the stats.  You can reorder the clicks, unique views and 

conversions as well as the ratios. 

Hits Viral was a top performer, it just moved up big time 

on sites that I will advertise in daily. Not only was it responsible

for half of my new list connections but I had some other ads 

running for promotions there and netted 7 sign ups and a real nice

sale on one of the programs. Its worth a look !!!!

You do not have to be a program owner !
You dont have to be a genius marketing guru !!
This is an extremely low cost adverting plan that focuses

well maybe it wont give you a pizza but got to add some

humor in there somewhere, I just like pizza.

This is so fun , and today I am changing it up again.

I have put together a few pages with Landing Page Monkey

Launching a new campaign and cant wait to share the results with

you. Seriously consider formulating your own plan and giving this a try.

Its not hard , and if you are on my list and have been saving my email

series its even easier, remember I am always here to help .


PS... Have you seen Matthew Graves new Viral List Building program ?
For those that want to kick it up a notch I highly recommend it.
A special thanks to my upline, mentor, and friend 
Nick Grimshaw
for putting me on this one. Outstanding Program!!! 

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