How to increase your email marketing open rate up to 50 to 100%

Published by Timothy Hanson — 3-8-2017 at 5:19 PM UTC

As I delve deeper and deeper into email marketing 

I keep learning new things that continue to increase 

my success, the whole purpose of my list is to help

those that honor me with subscribing here. THANK YOU

My entire last year affiliate marketing has been about diversity.

I have expanded where I was advertising by carefully Tracking 

every source I am using and coming up with my own routine 

and system of doing things. In doing that I have accumulated a 

huge amount of ad credits in various places permitting me to experiment.

Last week while conducting my list building experiment I tried something.

I slammed a promotion of my squeeze page, in the safelists, I varied my written 

ad copy. I wrote some long and very detailed, some a single paragraph and yet 

others that were a simple 1 liner. Guess which ones took the prize ??????

The one liner and single paragraph with a link are the emails that got opened,

not just opened but had the link clicked to the tune of 98% more than the 

emails I sent that seemed like i had written a book. Those 1 liners and short

paragraphs accounted for 100% of the leads I captured in that promotion.

Moral to the story.....sometimes less is dont have to write a book 

to gather attention....Your time is better spent doing something else other than 

creating a manifesto when very few if anyone is reading all of that 

They want a link .....They want some credits and they want to see what you got.

Each day part of my routine is clicking some links in the mailer programs 

that are my top converters, each day I see complete pages built, highlighted,

bannerized, spilling all the beans in the written ad copy.....

NEWSFLASH people are not paying attention and those that 

use this type of platform are most likely just going to delete your email

never clicking and never seeing your promotion.

Just another piece of advice that will increase your success


PS..... Those that read this far deserve something. For those that use 

google chrome there is a real handy add on that will help you and save your 

clicking finger a bit ....Its also free.....Linkclump gives you the ability to drag

a selection box around links using your mouse to quickly open as new tabs, 

open in new window, save as bookmarks, or copy to clipboard.

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