The Great List Building Experiment **You gotta check this out**

Published by Timothy Hanson — 2-27-2017 at 4:53 PM UTC

Ok so a few weeks ago Jon Olson did a live show and 

posted on his blog at Hit Exchange News that he was going 

to launch off a list building experiment. I watched and read what he was 

doing and thought Id jump onboard and follow his lead. I want to share 

with my list and the community that you dont have to be a big name 

program owner to build a successful list.

I am sure many of you know Jon, if you dont you must be living 

under a rock. I respect this guy a ton, I dont always agree with him,

but surrounding yourself with different people and thought processes

is one hell of a way to launch your own personal development.

(Jon I know you will read this because you are one of the few program 

owners that is actually on this list and reads my emails, INSPIRATIONAL)

For those of you that read that its called a clue, you need to pay attention

to what Jon Olson is doing !!!!! +1 Success and Hit Exchange News are a 

great place to connect with him.

I am 48 hours in at this point and to be honest the results are ASTOUNDING.

Here in lies a great experiment....What is even better...Im going to

use it to help people on my list... I have taken his initial thought and 

am expanding it beyond traffic exchanges. I usea diverse group of

advertising platforms because I believe it is of paramount importance

to ones success in online marketing.

Here is the experiment in a nutshell...or you can read at Hit Exchange News 

1. For 1 week or 15,000 hits I am going to advertise a generic unbranded splash page.

2. Week 2 all I am going to do is ad this video in place of text with branding.

3. I am going to drive 15,000 hits in TE's, Safelists, Solo Ads and Co-ops (60,000 hits)

4. I am going to track each individually and share my results.

5. At the end of these 2 weeks I am going to switch from my adKreator

designed pages to Landing Page Monkey and change the design and repeat the promotion.

6. I am going to share the results and reinforce my belief that anyone can build a great

list even if you are not a program owner. You can also check it out at my blog space here.

Simple promotion, Building my list , Helping others on my list and the community

This is what its all about  

Im beyond excited for the results

Stay Tuned 

Tim Hanson

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