Why I love the manic depressive affiliate marketer mindset

Published by Timothy Hanson — 1-28-2017 at 6:49 PM UTC

The title is not a cut on a mental disorder in any means

but lets look at the state of affiliate marketing and tell 

me it does not fit that very definition.......

Recently the paypal crisis really drove alot of people off the edge

People started giving up, programs started closing so on and so o. 

In a way it mimicked the natural thinning of a herd of animals that occurs 

naturally from time to time.

Those of us that work online without a thought of giving up

have actually benefitted from that action. There are still people 

interested in affiliate marketing, interested in being entrepreneurs,

and interested in growing a business online.


A program like +1 Success is a great example of a program 

that people treated as the flavor of the moment yet it is a program

that, for me, has stood the test of the time and is relevant everyday.

30 Days really can change your course both in business and life.

This can be something that might help you regain your passion

and can most certainly help no matter what you are doing online.

I happen to like when people give up on the hit of the day.

I still promote them, without stop, WHY ???? Because they

quite simply perform and meet my needs of long term, list building

program growing funnels.

Get started TODAY!!! Do something, take action!!!

Have a great weekend 

Tim Hanson  

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