TIps on how to gain the edge in email marketing campaigns

Published by Timothy Hanson — 1-16-2017 at 7:29 PM UTC

President Abraham Lincoln once said.......

"Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle."

Think about how long ago that was said and how very much it applies to you.

Last week I wrote about diversity in advertising...

Where you advertise and what your advertising

and I related to a story about program launches 

and how alot of people just start throwing unbranded,

unoriginal "stuff" out there. I want to share some of 

the places I recommend you seriously pay attention to.

Check out my Dirty Dozen after you read below.

I have really started to pay attention to mailers and solo ads.

I am simply getting good results....and its not by accident !!!

I started noticing, for the most part, everyone is advertising

the same program to death. I tend not to jump at new things 

but stick with good, tried and trusted programs that are going

to be around for awhile , all while building my business, 

which will be around as long as I am.

A few tips to monetize your time with Mailers and Solo Ads

1. Get inside the program and do some reading of the emails.

Learn a little bit about how people are running their campaigns.

Long emails don't work. Short, prompt , attention grabbing 

emails win every time. Make sure the credit link or the hyperlink 

is in view within the first seconds of opening an email and if you 

can, stick one at the bottom for the skimmer and scroller crowd.

2. Look at what is being promoted and don't fall pray to the game 

of thinking your cookie cutter standard affiliate page is going to 

twist one reader more than another. If 50 people are promoting 

something why on earth would you think that promoting the same

exact standard affiliate garbage will bring you any success ?

Take a program you are already using that is not appearing within about 

the first 50 clicks and market it. You might be surprised at the results.

3. Pay attention to banners and text ads , again POINTS for origniality

It's tough and takes a little work to be original but trust me when i say it 

is well worth the time spent. For those that think this type of advertising is 

a waste.....WRONG. Banners and texts are some of my best converters.

Just a few nuggets to maybe help you start to figure your way through this maze. 

Dont forget to take a look at my TOP PERFORMING email marketing sources.

track my results and these places are far out performing any other place that 

I am doing promotions in the mailer and solo niche.


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