The power of cooperative advertising can multiply your results

Published by Timothy Hanson — 1-13-2017 at 1:44 PM UTC

I know…I know co-op is a filthy four-letter word! 

But in the online industry if you seek out the RIGHT co-op it can

absolutely be something that really drives your business forward.

Co-op (cooperative) advertising is a partnership between and the co-op 

owner or manager and you, yes, kinda sort of. So much though hinges on

the participants in the co-op taking care of each other.  You want good co-op

advertising use sources that are going to produce members of your co-op

greater results. IF you are advertising and posting co-op links in junk traffic areas

members of the co-op are going to notice. If you try to cheat the system the 

owner of the co-op will notice and you have completely wasted alot of time 

and more importantly other peoples advertising.

Its nice to get lots of hits but that is not what we need. We need quality 

converting traffic from responsive consumers. Check out some co-ops

today and find the value. Drive some promotions. You want better advertising

then make better advertising. It has a great domino effect when all people buy into 

doing it right. 

Its not about the ME, its about the WE.

Here are 2 great co-op's that are giving me some dynamite results

The Downliner

Legacy Team Co-op

Check them out , i think you will be shocked at the results 

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