3 methods for diversifying your advertising and some great places to do it

Published by Timothy Hanson — 1-10-2017 at 6:21 PM UTC

Why is it that marketers think they can do the same thing over and over again and expect different results ? 

Building your business, getting conversions is easy if you have follow some of what I have taught you through 

my email series but here are 3 quick reminders to give you

some focus and to share with you what works.

GET ORIGINAL-stop promoting standard cookie cutter affiliate pages.

they simply do not work. Invest in yourself by either learning to create with 

a program like Adkreator or Landing Page Monkey. These tools pay for 

themselves in a very short time period and allow you to create original

well branded ads for people to consume. And they are simple to use.

I always get a chuckle when a new program launches and I log in to read 

some mail or surf and i see 20 of the same standard affiliate page.

Have some pride do some work, it pays off.

BUILD YOUR LIST- How many times have we heard that ? Everything 

you are promoting should have some kind of list building component. The 

relationships one develops on the backend is where the magic really starts

to happen. There is no secret formula . I love running squeeze pages in solo ads 

and mailers because this base of people is constantly in their email. Building a

list with other lists, not rocket science. A great place to practice this is by 

taking a look at Referral Frenzy. This little gem is packed with alot of freebies

but what alot of people dont take advantage of is the ability to look and see how 

and what others are promoting, how they are doing it and what they writing.

DIVERSIFY- We all have our favorite places, but are they really giving you 

a good return for the effort your putting in ? I am an ADVERTISER, not a mailer guy,

not a TE guy and not a paid to click guy.....I advertise and I use as many mediums 

as I can find. Don't limit yourself. Make a plan to expand your horizons and don't be 

afraid to test the waters somewhere else like a co-op. I have had some phenomenal 

results using co-ops like The Downliner and Legacy Team Coop. Leased Ad Space 

is another incredible traffic source on a totally different platform with features that go 

way outside the norm like the ability to create your own ad blog.

Hope you all have had a great start to 2017 , now keep it going !!!

Stay the course 

Tim Hanson 

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