Free and low cost email advertising sources that get results surviving the test of time

Published by Timothy Hanson — 4-17-2019 at 9:59 PM UTC

I have been online marketing for quite some time and one of the most frequent questions I get is

"Where are you getting RESULTS like that ????"

My marketing plan is not rocket science nor is it ingenious, or costly (minus some time investment).

I promote using free advertising sources, sometimes I buy upgrades that are very low cost.

I am consistant and mail daily , and am ever present in the community.

Right now I am focusing on ONE program and not falling to shiny new object syndrome.

I am promoting Trafficwave, nothing else. Why ? 

Because it is a great tool with an incredibly lucrative affiliate structure.

(You might be intereted too just click the link above for a 30 day free trial.)

After the trial I will even pay your first month , so that is 60 Days that you can focus and build a team.

Another gimme, I will help you promote.

I use to be one of those marketers that fell to "Shiny New Object" syndrome.

I took a break re-evaluated and focused. I tracked my results and found where the ads were working.

Take a peak at these, most are not shiny and new, they are old standby great sources.

If you are not getting results from these places I think you better think hard about what you are promoting.

(Think I am kidding ? A little proof can be found at the bottom.)

Stay tuned for more helpful topics in the future.


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