Auto responder reviews Which one is right for your business ?

Published by Timothy Hanson — 8-9-2018 at 12:16 PM UTC

I have taken the time to review 4 auto responders I use. 

Reviews are based on functionality, service, price, affiliate opportunity

and additional features associated with each. There 100's of different 

auto responder companies out there each one having something unique.

You will notice that I have excluded some of the top names such as aWeber 

and Get Response as I find the cost of these programs is a little outrageous

especially in our niche of affiliate marketing. The programs I review here are 

the best value for your dollar in my opinion.

1. Trafficwave---30 Day Free Trial---17.95/month---Best Affiliate Compensation Plan for an AR

- Manage Unlimited Lists. 1 lisit or 500. 50 or 50,000. Your monthly subscription rate never goes up. 
- Collect As Much Data As You Want. target and segment your subscribers as wide or narrow as you want. 
- Schedule Broadcasts With a Mouse-Click. 
- Track Your Open Rates and Your Click-Throughs  Know where your results come from. 
- Easily Create Opt-In Forms and Lead Capture pages For Your Web Site. 
- Send HTML or Text Messages. 

- Unmatched delivery rate, my emails never go to spam
- Unlimited Free Customer Support and endless instructional videos and articles. 

- Hands down the easiest and most lucarative affiliate pay plan for any auto responder. (Take a look Here)


2. All In One Profits---Basic $11.50/month---Pro $21.76/month

Truly an all in one solution that might be right for your business.

- Unlimited Capaigns and Subscribers

- Easy to functionality of a classic auto responder

- Plenty of Tutorials and Support

- Includes A page Builder, Downline Builder, Banner and Text advertising and hosting too. All in the price.

- Even up compensation plan that becomes very lucrative as you build a deep downline.


3. Buildabizonline---$1 Pro Trial 15 Days---$5.75 Pro Service---$10.00 Pro Plus

I came to build a buidabiz for an entirely different reason but have quickly 

decided this is one of the best options online especially for a beginner with a small budget.

- Affordability and value : all the tools located here you are no going to find anywhere else for the price.

- Great training and support.

- The splashpage builder is great and very customizable.

- Traffic Blog, Web Hoting, Tracker, Cloaker, Rotator, Customizable Pages for your best programs

- Just starting or looking to ad a great promotable funnel its all here.

Click Here for an example. I promote my top converting mailers with just one splash page. Great converter.


4. Rocket Responder---30 Day Free Trial---$20 a month Unlimited

This is the most painful review to write. This is my favorite Auto Responder to 

use based on funcionality and  features. I truly love this and still use it......

BUT.....Starting in 2017 (August) the owners became unresponsive and stopped paying commissions

through the affiliate program most likely due to a pay pal issue. Support tickets go unanswered etc etc.

This is still a great tool but if you are looking for affiliate opportunity buyer beware.

Thats the Ugly, Now to the positive

- Push Button simple campaign set up

- Guided tutorials

- Plain Text or HTML and beautiful template options

- Leadpage Capture pages and so much more

It actually hurt me to write a somewhat bad review of this product.

Just being transparent in case you are looking for affiliate opportunity or support.

This auto responder was my base of operations and earned me so much through 

my first years as an intenret marketer. I still use it but just about everything I do 

email marketing wise is now through Trafficwave. Still an option that might suit you.


Having an autoresponder and a list is a complete no-brainer if you want to 

succeed in earning a GOOD income online. I dont know what will work for what 

you are doing, its just important to research and see what is the best fit and value for your 



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