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Hardworking affiliate marketer that likes to engage and teach people about the many diverse advertising platforms available online. If you are going to make any headway online you must develop your own plan to find and promote legitimate offers and business. Stand out from the crowd, develop your brand and create your own success.

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Consistant , Responsive, and Rewarding

Published on 4-26-2019 at 2:02 AM UTC by Timothy Hanson

If you are not familiar with the name Darren Olander and his spectacular series of sites

you should probably take the opportunity to change that.

Each site has slightly different features and a unique way of rewarding activity.

2 things that stand out to me with this group of... (continue reading →)

Free and low cost email advertising sources that get results surviving the test of time

Published on 4-17-2019 at 9:59 PM UTC by Timothy Hanson

I have been online marketing for quite some time and one of the most frequent questions I get is

"Where are you getting RESULTS like that ????"

My marketing plan is not rocket science nor is it ingenious, or costly (minus some time investment... (continue reading →)

Why you have multiple streams of NO income and 3 steps to fixing that.

Published on 9-22-2018 at 6:25 PM UTC by Timothy Hanson

So many people want to earn multiple streams of income,however...

they fall into the internet marketing, mlm vortex of doom and end up with multiple streams of NO INCOME !

Tell me if this sounds familiar

The self labeled gurus ... (continue reading →)

Have you fallen into the internet marketing mlm vortex of doom ?

Published on 9-16-2018 at 8:38 PM UTC by Timothy Hanson

So many people want to earn multiple streams of income,
however they fall into the internet marketing, mlm vortex of                                                   &n... (continue reading →)

Auto responder reviews Which one is right for your business ?

Published on 8-9-2018 at 12:16 PM UTC by Timothy Hanson

I have taken the time to review 4 auto responders I use. 

Reviews are based on functionality, service, price, affiliate opportunity

and additional features associated with each. There 100's of different 

auto responder companies out there each one having something u... (continue reading →)

My Sweet 16 **Highest Converting Traffic Exchanges** They arent as dead as you might think

Published on 6-27-2018 at 4:06 AM UTC by Timothy Hanson

Traffic Exchanges are still viable and effective forms of advertising

if used properly to BUILD YOUR LIST and BRAND YOURSELF. 

Below are my highest converting exchanges.

Based on my tracking results. Your results may differ

but this is where i am getti... (continue reading →)

The Dirty Dozen** My Top 12 Mailing Platforms**

Published on 6-27-2018 at 4:02 AM UTC by Timothy Hanson

Take a look at 12 of my top advertising platforms.

I use between 75-100 different mailers a month.

These are the ones that stand out as performers.

I am getting consistent results, your results may vary.

If you use these programs and are not get... (continue reading →)

Reaching the pinnacle is more about the journey

Published on 1-23-2018 at 1:33 AM UTC by Timothy Hanson

The other day I was riding in a taxi passing the time looking through Facebook 

and Tony Tezak shared a photo from the Inspire Uplift page of what is known as 

La Piedra or The Rock in Guatape, Colombia.....659 steps to reach the top 

... (continue reading →)

Email Marketing Powerhouse packed with value

Published on 11-24-2017 at 4:15 PM UTC by Timothy Hanson

One of my most recommended resources for 

honing your email marketing skills and learning

what works and what does is a great product 

brought to you by Marty Petrizza. It makes 

a perfect companion for promoting TE List Builder

in the mailer and ... (continue reading →)