How One small act Can Get You To $10K months…

Published by Rodney Trotter — 7-20-2017 at 3:50 AM UTC

Once we’ve got you to $10k months, you’ll have the time and freedom to scale from there… and it’ll feel like a GAME!

You ever seen a little boy playing with dominoes?

It’s a joy, right?

He carefully places every domino down on the floor. One by one, he sets up 100s and 100s of these little black and white dominoes.

Twisting and turning and looping around his room, creating a cool track to behold.

And when he’s ready to topple all of the dominoes over, watching them all falling and tumbling forward in succession…

Does he have to individually flip over each domino with his excited little fingers?

That would be a lot of work!

He simply flicks over the first domino. And that sets off a powerful chain reaction…

The momentum, and the dominoes already being set up, allows the rest of the process to be totally hands-free.

This well describes the ideal online business to me.

What if you could do just one small daily action, yet it sets off a powerful chain reaction to work in your favor?

What if you could get ONE lead, and then a powerful chain reaction is set in motion…

And then you go set up ONE more domino like that the next day?

And as the dominoes start tipping over… you know that a certain percentage of those leads will turn into up to $1K to $10K plus commissions for you?

Wouldn’t that be a blast?

Wouldn’t that be helpful to get you to the income goals you have? If you’re not living life on your terms, one that you deserve to be living, then I’d be honored to be able to help out, even if in some small way…
Many set their first goal of getting to $10K months. But they get frustrated simply by trying to do too much!

I don’t know of a better way to quickly hit $10k months consistently then by focusing on High Ticket affiliate marketing…

You can get a lead, and watch it turn into a $27 commission…
Or you can get a lead, and watch it turn into up to a $10k commission…

A brain-scratcher I know.
I choose high ticket.
What’s cool about the system I’m using? You just have to tip over the first domino…

Get the lead.
Or get the first sale.
Be as involved as much as YOU want.
Yet know that after that initial ONE THING, all the rest is taking care of for you.

Saving you TIME.
And earning you MORE.
Allowing you to live and do and play however your little heart desires…

===> My secret to High Ticket
Done-For-You Commissions…



Best Regards,

Rodney Trotter

PS Right now, you’re getting a 1-on-1 coach too… Not sure how long this will be available, as slots are filling up fast. They can only support so many people at any given time. And that’s what all this is about. Supporting OUR success together…

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