The ONE MISSING STEP that may be costing ALL your profits?

Published by Rodney Trotter — 7-19-2017 at 7:09 PM UTC

Leads and sales aren’t a huge issue for you…?
But getting them profitable is a chore and a half?!

Many folks look at the SKIN of their business, before they’ve ensured the proper BONES are in place first.

Critical mistake.

Let me explain…

You may have a beautiful looking offer, but will it put food on your table? Will it cover your mortgage?

Or will it cover a nice car note? Date nights? Hiring a babysitter? Vacations?

Beautiful looking (the skin) doesn’t mean beautiful performing (the bones). The key to a business that’ll make you a nice cushy income, for many many years to come…

The bones are?

And economics…

Simple enough, right?

Yet most consider ONLY the traffic and conversions part. One of the most popular events each year, is called Traffic and Conversions Summit…

Not Traffic, Conversions, and Economics Summit.

Not sexy sounding enough?

Who knows… I just care about not losing money, and making sure I am making plenty to have a nice lifestyle… you feel that way too?

Considering this…

Your traffic and conversion “bones” may look great on the surface…

You’re getting leads and sales. Yay! Yet, if it’s costing you $150 bucks to make $100?

Not so good??



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Rodney Trotter

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