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I'm a father of two grown up children. They are living their own life. And I'm interested in life, in people and nature, in photography and in many, many other facets of life. You can read some data about me at http://perfect-life.9ki.org/aboutme.html .

Far too many years I have worked for others as a Information Systems Network engineer. At the same time I have learned some astrology and educate myself more about myself and people through a three year Life Coaching programm.

When I lost my job at commerciall TV station in 2009. I have decided to start my coaching business. I was successfull as a coach, but not as a businessman. I don't have enough income from this business. So I have started to work also as an Internet Marketer.

But as you are for sure aware about it. This is not so simple as it seems on a first sight. One can move from one shiny object to the other and throw money away. At least I was doing this until I found 12secondscommute system and earn my first internet money. As the system includes everything an Internet marketer needs for its business: Tools, system, education, AR, landing and capture pages and a creator for everything to create own projects for any product or service.

Real boost is starting lately, with meeting BOSSXL system and great guys, which I have met at Facebook: http://www.getinthegroup.com without registering for yet another list or paying anything.

I really love the group and here I get all the info I need from big guys, who are already real earners in the Internet, but they still give their knowledge away FOR FREE. I feel and I already see, that this is the way toward my success.

Have fun and live rich, Vojko

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