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Published by Gene Brown — 8-8-2017 at 1:15 AM UTC

swear by this. I do, I do,I do, I do believe in cheap traffic for my website. You can build a nice funnel list on free traffic alone.  You can also populate a list in a week using some of the cheapest traffic on the internet. What do I call cheap? Well its a great find, when you can post a free ad and get a 2-10 percent hit rate.  (Easily get that from IBO), but you can fan the flame with a deal like this – 5 upgrades for just seven dollars, one time cost. Now thats what I call cheap Traffic For Your Website.

You can signup for 1-5 traffic exchanges and get them for one time cost of seven dollars.  Not only do you get cheap web traffic , but you can advertise other urls using the generous traffic exchange credits that come with an offer like that.  For seven dollars if 12,000 traffic exchange credits were distributed to one of your promotional urls in a TE coop, imagine the hits you can generate with an idea like that  and all you’ve spent is seven dollars. This deal also comes with banner and text ad credits. How cheap is that?

You can get cheap web traffic  by using credit based safe lists. These are very free, mail to a high percentage of the list and you will eventually capture leads, providing you have set up a splash page funnel.
About 35% of traffic from traffic exchanges can convert into prospects when an email capture page  is being promoted instead of the direct affiliate link.  Other wise you may consider upgrading for monthly credits for a 1:1 surf rate.  This can get your website even more attention. You can pay anywhere, from, 4.95 to 19.95 and up per month. That can ad up. 4.95 is cheap cost, but is it worth it? But can it be cheaper?

Over the years, I have rarely purchased traffic, and manage to build a list of hundreds.  I find solo email marketing traffic to be the most effective response, but they come at a cost. I stand by my results. If I can use free or can get  cheap web traffic to my offers, gain some prospects, generate some leads and make a sale, then that is a great job.  So using cheap for free traffic aimed at your internet offer, does not show that you are cheap, mmmmm maybe just a little. You have proven to use  an advertising princple to get what you what for less money.  So  promotional methods come and go, use trials and errors and seek out those cheap deals, They work do work well.

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