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Published by Aditya Shiv — 3-25-2018 at 12:13 PM UTC

Being an Internet Marketer for last 10 years,  I have to admit that online business is risky.
But then, is it not true for traditional businesses also?

My 10 years of online experience has taught me some very good lessons.

I am sharing them with you.

Advertising industry has become very deceptive. 

Shit is being advertised wrapped in very lucrative way and we fall for it.

98 out of 100 sites eventually turn into scams.

It takes any where between 3 months to 3 years for these sites to vanish.

Those who got lured and invested time and money, feel frustrated when they 

lose their business.

The only people who are able to earn are the smart ones who tie up with 

the owners to insure their investments, invest big money, make use of the 

compound earning system and referrals commission and get out at the right time.

These people lure small investors by showing their huge income.

There are some genuine businesses also but the common practice I observed is that

if it has been there for some time, everyone knows about it and those who did not join 

in the initial stages, feel that its too late to join it now. 

Human Psychology 

Some of us who join genuine business do not focus on it and keep

hopping to other sites.

Eventually the result is - No Progress. 

Instead of accepting our own failures and taking steps to remove the short comings, we take the 

easy way of quitting prematurely. 

No one has become millionaire overnight but if you learn fast and take right actions, you can speed up your income.

Beware of ads which lure you easy and fast money.

Some ads project that just join, do nothing yet you will earn. 

Some Matrix sites are example which lure you with spill overs.

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Look out for my next article on "Understanding Businesses"

Maj Aditya (Veteran)


22 years in Army

16 years as Executive pilot with Reliance Industries

 Active Amway Business owner since 2002.

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Retired Army Officer (22 yrs) and retired commercial Helicopter Pilot (16 yrs). Happily married to my beautiful wife since 1978. Have a married daughter in San Fransisco and a son working in Vancouver. I have a successful and growing team in Amway which I joined in 2002. I enjoyed the education system of Network 21 (Education arm of Amway). I understood the potential of internet based businesses and started searching since 2010. Well... I found some good ones.