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Hello :)

'tis me! surgreen!

While I do not know if this visit is by chance or design, please accept my thanks for being here :)

It is a BIG place this internet thing.. that fact alone creates both opportunity and difficulty for those choosing to earn an income online.

There are many paths to 'doing business' online and all of them require some learning and varying degrees of personal effort. With this brief statement, I wish to completely bury the oft held belief that financial success online is in some way 'easy', even guaranteed.

This is, quite simply nonsense.

If success was simply a matter of 'being there', we would all be millionaires.

As much as I sincerely wish that this commonly held falsehood to be true,
it remains a fact that it is not!

However, a fine place to be based is, well.. Here!

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Your frequency of mailing is dependent upon the package you decide to purchase, however, even the $7 package is absolutely immense value!

There is much more advertising provided at Leased Ad Space than the lifetime solo ads but I will let you ask me about them after you get signed up and paid! ;)

Cya next time! ..

Peter Watson aka surgreen

As always..

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments :)

Peter Watson aka surgreen
Skype ID = surgreen

Please remember,
-my downlines success IS my business!-

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