Warm or Cold The Choice Really Is YOURS

Published by Mark Gossage — 3-3-2017 at 12:57 PM UTC

Do you know the difference between your "warm market" and your "cold market"?

These are common terms in the marketing world including both the MLM and network marketing world.

Your "warm market" are the people who already know you or have a relationship with you. Your "cold market" are all the people that you haven't met yet, but that you would like to communicate with regarding your products or services.

Increase YOUR Warm Market Viraly

Of course, any opportunity that you get involved with is going to tell you to promote to your "warm market" first. Those who already know you are your best prospects. 

However, what happens when you have contacted everyone in your "warm market"? Growth slows and now you have to find new people to talk to.

The truth is that there is never a reason to run out of "warm market" if you are focused on cultivating new relationships with people who could be future prospects.

Cultivate New Relationships Viraly

This is why building an email list is so important. When someone joins your audience by opting into your email list, they are giving you the opportunity to take them from the "cold market" to the "warm market".

Your email list, and the emails you send them should be designed to get people to know, like, and trust you. By focusing on adding value to them, you build a relationship and move them from stranger to friend.

We can never have too many friends or too large of a warm market!

Get Too Many Friends Viraly

So if you want to increase your Warm market Viraly you need to use our unique viral list generation system to build YOUR email lists easier than ever before. Lets Go VIRAL...


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